Which Wich--not so bad

I’ve eaten at a couple of these locally. I find the ingredients better than Quiznos or Subway. It’s not up to Bay Cities or Roma Deli, I suppose, although I am liking the pesto on the caprese sandwich.

I’d never heard of them until a trip to Waco, TX for a horse show. Low expectations - initially seemed like Subway with a different logo, but we were pleasantly surprised…fresh stuff, and a variety of leafy goods for those of us who prefer a salad in lieu of bread. Friends said their turkey was much better than Subway. Their sriracha tuna was not bad. I guess I should try the one in Pasadena on Lake Street.

I/We all shouldn’t be eating cured meats, but I’ve been very pleased whenever I’ve ordered from them (always the Italian subs). Very decent quality ingredients for the price, and the ability to order ahead on-line is great (there’s one that’s walking distance from one work place).

Maybe I’ll try the caprese next time (it would certainly be more healthy than my usual choice!)…

Great! More cured meats left for me!


The Wednesday $5 #5 special is really a sodium bomb but… it absolutely beats 5 Guys if you tone down cheese/dressing, etc.

How does Which wich compare to Earl of Sandwich?

Never been! Google search indicates that the only one is in Anaheim? Is there one closer to LA proper for those of us who are lazy 'hounds (::sigh::)?

And I had no idea that there was a $5 Wed special! Argh! Will have to check that out.

I’d take Which Wich Italian sandwich over any of the other chain sandwich restaurants Italian sandwich - Subway BMT, Jimmy Johns, Capriottis, Jersey Mike, Quiznos, Togos, etc… This only applies to the Italian cold cut sandwich offered by each chain. The toasting of the bread at Which Wich is much better than Quiznos. The customizable toppings offer a much wider variety. I like the hot pepper mix at Which Wich - reminds me of the hot pepper mix at Bay Cities. Most importantly the cold cuts from Which Wich actually look and taste like real cured meat. It may not be the highest quality but its the best you’ll get from the chains.

I’m not a huge fan of Earl of Sandwich so I’d definitely opt for Which Wich.

iunno why they don’t call it giardiniera… :confounded:

There are a few in the Bay Area. My son likes to go there when he comes up for a visit. I don’t love huge processed meat sandwiches so generally don’t eat there otherwise. That said, they’re good for the price.

There’s one in Northridge. I’m not a big fan though – I spent $12 on just a sandwich and my sandwich didn’t have a lot of filling to it. I was expecting it to be “heartier”.

Personally, of all the crappy chain sandwich places, I’d take Jersey Mikes over Which Wich.

Jimmy John’s isn’t bad either (and started in my college town!) but the owner is a ginormous douchenozzle. Thankfully, they aren’t in the L.A. area, so I don’t have worry about them.


I think Jersey Mikes is the 2nd least crappy chain sandwich place but the bread is better at Which Wich.

Watch out for Jimmy John’s. They started coming into the OC and wouldn’t be surprised to see them expand up to LA. Don’t know much about the owner but think his affinity for big game hunting and being friends with Guy Fieri puts him in the douchenozzle category.


Actually there are a bunch of JJ’s in LA now (unfortunately).There are 3 or 4 in DTLA and 2 in Pasadena.

The big game hunting, the libertarian-con politics, the fact that they try to make their workers sign a non-compete clause prohibiting them from working at another sandwich place for some number of weeks (because we all know what a problem Subway poaching counter help is)

Alas, the meat and bread at JJ’s is better than most alternatives in their class. Anything further takes you to, at minimum, Boar’s Head level meats for mass market, or much better (and pricier) places.

And man, what I wouldn’t give to find a place that does really good roast beef. And fresh bread.


Sounds like you might want Lawry’s The Carvery, but it’s a higher price point.

Are their any Lawry’s The Carrvery left?

There’s one in LA Live, as well as one in OC somewhere.

The OC location is inside South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on the second level close to the Williams-Sonoma store.

Never had Which Wich but Jersey Mikes is solid for subs. Generous on the meats.

Jimmy John’s was pretty terrible. Barely any meat and the extra avocado spread I ordered was so scarce I thought they forgot it.

Jersey Mikes over JJ easy for chain subs in my book.

Philly’s Best also does a good hoagie.

Personally, I would go to Which Wich – more options – but Jersey Mike’s is solid, too.