While Away The Afternoon With The Delicious French-Japanese Pastries of Patisserie Chantilly [Thoughts + Pics]

Finally made it here!

Worth the drive amongst the big rigs, tailgaters, and the nearly unmarked lanes on the 110 lol!!!

The cream and the pastry just incredible. Pastry has a crust but gives way and it turns airy with that cream and they just meld together so well in your mouth Damn!!!

Got 2 because $10 minimum card order and I knew I would want more than one!


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yay! Isn’t the Black Sesame Cream Puff amazing? :smile: (wait has @paranoidgarliclover gotten this yet?) :wink:

You should try their classic Cream Puff as well next time (and the Othello and 3-4 other offerings). :slight_smile:


The classic is delightful. I loved it.

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@Chowseeker1999: I have! :slight_smile: It’s a technical marvel, although, believe it or not, I actually like more black sesame flavor; I pretty much think the only thing that satisfies the craving is straight-up black sesame.

The black sesame ice cream from Maeda-en also hits the spot, but only when it thaws a bit (I think it being frozen masks the flavor).

On a somewhat related note, still trying to convince partner to head out to V P Tofu. :slight_smile:


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Glad you tried the Black Sesame Cream Puff from Chantilly. :slight_smile: Yes, I think you’ll really like the Black Sesame Puree from V P Tofu, that’s pure Black Sesame in liquid form. :slight_smile:

Update 2:

Besides the most recent visits, I wanted to post up about some wonderful Christmas Cakes that we had from Patisserie Chantilly (that I totally forgot to write about). :sweat_smile:

Bûche de Marron (Chiffon Cake Rolled with Chestnuts and Chantilly Cream, Topped with Chestnut Cream):

Pastry-Chef & Owner Keiko Nojima’s French-Japanese creations have always been a delight, especially when she works with Kuri (Chestnut). The Bûche de Marron Cake greets you with a lightly nutty, earthiness from her 2 preparations for Chestnut incorporated into this Holiday Cake. The Chiffon Cake itself is moist, airy, and it’s finished with one of the most delicate, balanced Chantilly Cream fillings we’ve had locally.

It is outstanding! :heart: :blush: :heart:

Fraise Noël (Layers of Chiffon with Chantilly Cream, Strawberries and 100% Pure Jam):

Cute presentation with Santa and a Snowman. :slight_smile: This is a very classic tasting Cake for those that love Strawberries and Cream, except here the highlight is Pastry Chef Keiko’s ultra-light, not-too-sweet, but delicious Chantilly Cream. :slight_smile:

Chocolatier (A Mousse Trio of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla):

While the description sounded basic, there was a great interplay between the Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry and Vanilla. Some of our friends and relatives loved this one the most. :slight_smile: My favorite was the Bûche de Marron. :slight_smile:

Another Visit:

We had some friends visiting that had never been to Patisserie Chantilly before. We had to rectify that. :wink:

Blanc Amour (White Chocolate Cake with Orange Marmalade & Orange Liqueur):

I loved the balance of bright, floral citrus notes along with just a touch of bitter from their Housemade Orange Marmalade, with the White Chocolate Cake. :blush:

Choux aux Sésames (Pâte a Choux Baked with Sesame, filled to order with Black Sesame Cream and a Drizzle of Mesquite Honey):

Perhaps their most standout Cream Puff, the one that made Jonathan Gold wax poetic about it years ago, their Choux aux Sésames continues to bring joy each time I eat one: It starts with the a nice Choux Pastry shell, except this one is studded with Shirogoma (White Sesame) and Kurogoma (Black Sesame) which gives way to glorious, toasty, fragrant pure Black Sesame Cream goodness! :heart: There is nothing like this in L.A. still. :blush:

Mont Blanc (Chestnut Swirl, Chantilly Cream & Imported Chestnuts):

Chestnuts might not be as sexy or in vogue as its cousins, but try the Mont Blanc from Pastry Chef Nojima and she might single-handedly change the minds of Angelenos, one bite at a time. The first bite of the Mont Blanc coats your mouth with such a beautiful fragrant, earthy-nutty flavor from Roasted Chestnuts, and it’s mixed with the cloud-like Chantilly Cream. Be sure your bite includes the bottom of the Mont Blanc as you’re hit with a crunchy nutty texture as well. SO GOOD! :heart:

La Princesse (Signature Rare Cheesecake Filled with Raspberry Gelee and Cream):

Wonderful, light, tart-sweet Raspberry Gelee was a great match for their Rare Cheesecake base. :slight_smile:

Choux à la Crème (Freshly Baked Pâte a Choux with Chantilly’s Special Cream, Filled to Order to Retain its Freshness):

Creamy, but not heavy, Patisserie Chantilly’s Choux à la Crème is one of the standout items to get, so pure, lightly sweet, but not cloying, it puts to shame Cream Puffs from more popular places like Beard Papa’s. Excellent! :heart:

Another Visit:

They were sold out of most of the case by the time we got there (early afternoon)!

Choux aux Sésames (Pâte a Choux Baked with Sesame, filled to order with Black Sesame Cream and a Drizzle of Mesquite Honey):

Still so consistent: Amazingly good! :heart:

Mousse au Mango (A Tropical Mousse Topped with Coconut Milk and Tapioca):

Mango Lovers don’t miss out on this creation: Tropical, nicely sweetened without ever being saccharine, the Mango Mousse is so smooth, yet it also tastes like it was made with pure Mango somehow. :slight_smile: The fresh Mango fruit cubes, Coconut Milk and Tapioca combine to elevate it even more! :heart:

Another Visit:

Mont Fraise (Strawberry Mousse on a Crispy Cocoa Tart filled with Strawberries & Cream):

Beyond the cute presentation, you get a playful textural contrast between the crisped Tart and soft, cloud-like Strawberry Mousse, Strawberry Fruit and Chantilly Cream. :slight_smile:

Rochelle (Chocolate Chiffon Rolled With Chantilly Cream):

Beautiful Dark Chocolate (that’s not too bitter) that pairs so perfectly with the Chantilly Cream. The Chocolate Chiffon Cake is moist, light and the 2 flavors combine for yet another outstanding treat! :heart:

Patisserie Chantilly once again delights, delivering outstanding French-Japanese Pastries from talented Pastry Chef-Owner Keiko Nojima. It might be hard to imagine, but their amazing Othello (Chocolate & Sesame & Chantilly Cream) might’ve been surpassed by their Mont Blanc (Chestnut Swirl Wrapping Chantilly Cream & Imported Chestnuts) on our most recent visits. :blush: The flavor of Roasted Chestnuts mixed smoothly into their Chestnut Swirl and the Chestnut interior and nutty bottom with Chantilly Cream is still something I’m dreaming about!

But be sure to save room for at least one flavor of their stunning Cream Puffs, whether it’s their classic Choux à la Crème, Choux au Chocolat, or Choux aux Sésames. If you can’t decide? Just get one of each. :wink:

Patisserie Chantilly
2383 Lomita Blvd. #104
Lomita, CA 90717
Tel: (310) 257-9454



Went here for the first time this past Sunday. With everyone starting to hunker down, there was no traffic on the 110. It only took us 25 minutes to get to Lomita, which is insanely fast.

It was all so amazing! I felt a little guilty about going out but we took this to-go and didn’t dine in the bakery.

in the back: black sesame cream puff. in front from L-R: Le Matcha, Blanc Amour, Othello and Gateau Fraise.

I got the vanilla and black sesame cream puffs, the mont blanc, gateau fraise slice, le matcha cake slice, the Othello, and Blanc Amour. I’ve been eating it over the past few days and they are DELICIOUS. Even though the sticker says “consume by 3/15” it’s 3 days later and I just ate the Othello cake today and it’s still fluffy and moist, not dry at all. I wish this wasn’t so far away. I love all of them but my favorites are definitely the black sesame cream puff and the Othello slice. There’s so much craft involved in making such delicious and beautiful cakes. Thanks again for the rec, @Chowseeker1999 .


Hi @hanhgry,

So glad you enjoyed your visit to Patisserie Chantilly! :blush: And yes, we love the Black Sesame Cream Puff and Othello as well!

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According to their Instagram, they will be temporarily closing as of March 30 :frowning: May need to make a trip down this weekend to get a few treats.

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I really hope they are able to come back into business. Such nice sweet people at the shop and the best pastries in LA.


Hi @hanhgry,

Oh no. :frowning: Thank you for the info. Very sad, but understandable in this climate. I hope it is just temporary. It would be a big loss if they never came back.

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May 28!
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 11.46.47 AM


Great news. Thanks @selfish_shellfish! :slight_smile: Glad they survived the shutdown and are trying to come back now (for Takeout).

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hell yeah, i’m definitely going this weekend to get some delicious pastries!


Can’t wait! :slight_smile: New hours and info for everyone:


We will be re-opening today!

Face coverings will be required and we will be only allowing 3 customers inside at a time. For the safety of the employees and customers, please practice social distancing at all times. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Business hours will be temporarily adjusted as follows:
11:30~5:00pm (Tue~Sat)
CLOSED (Sun, Mon)


Update (To-Go):

Patisserie Chantilly, the charming, cute little French-Japanese Bakery opened by Pastry-Chef & Owner Keiko Nojima is back! Re-opened after suddenly closing due to the pandemic, after a month+ layoff, it seems they have figured out safety protocols and are back serving their wonderful Pastries and Desserts. :blush:

They have good safety measures in place: They only allow 3 people into the store (standing at proper social distance markings on the ground) at any time. Everyone’s wearing masks and gloves.

Choux à la Crème (Freshly Baked Pâte a Choux with Chantilly’s Special Cream):

When you bite into Keiko-san’s Choux à la Crème (Cream Puff), you realize how much of a void there was when Patisserie Chantilly was gone. Stunning, supremely light, delicate sweet and silky Cream. There is an elegant quality about Keiko-san’s Cream Puffs, from the excellent Choux Pastry to how balanced and amazing the flavors are.

Outstanding! :heart: :blush: :heart:

Choux aux Sésames (Pâte a Choux Baked with Sesame, filled to order with Black Sesame Cream):

But it’s her Choux aux Sésames (Pâte a Chou Baked with Sesame, filled to order with Black Sesame Cream) that continues to shine even brighter: It is the creation that made us first seek out her store, reading about it from @J_L and bulavinaka’s early reports. Hearing Jonathan Gold talk lovingly about it just added to our excitement.

On this visit: It is quite possibly even better than before! :open_mouth: An amazing nutty, deeply fragrant Black Sesame flavor pervading every bite, along with the silky, airy, outstanding Cream base that Keiko-san has mastered for years.

It is ridiculous. And it is something you need in your life right now. :heart: :blush: :heart:

  • Note: Due to the pandemic, they no longer have a display item for the Cream Puffs (just the signs for them). This does not mean they are sold out. Just ask them and they will fill them fresh to order.

(New) Creamy Pudding (Housemade Custard Accented with Caramel Sauce):

A classic Japanese Dessert name! :smile: This was indeed a wonderful creamy, delicate Custard Pudding, with a nice Caramel Sauce on the bottom. It was a touch overcooked (a slight bitterness to the sweetness), but only a touch. It was still quite delicious. :slight_smile:

Chantilly Fromage (Chef’s Signature Cheesecake Baked on a Buttery Honey Graham Cracker Crust):

So light and supple. We love Japanese-style Cheesecakes and Keiko-san’s version is excellent. :blush:

Mont Fraise (Strawberry Mousse on a Crispy Cocoa Tart filled with Strawberries & Cream):

(We are saving this for tomorrow.) :blush:

Eclair (Freshly Baked Pâte a Choux with Chantilly Cream & Chocolate Icing):

While their Pâte a Choux is very good for their Cream Puffs, here in Eclair form, something is lost. It’s not bad, but the Chocolate Icing or something is making it a bit less exciting, and a touch more dense. It’s fine, but we’d rather get their Choux à la Crème instead.

Gâteau Marron (Layers of Coffee Chiffon with Chestnuts and Chantilly Cream):

You can tell Pastry Chef Nojima has an affinity and mastery of Chestnuts in her various seasonal offerings starting with her Gâteau Marron. The Coffee Chiffon Cake is airy, moist, and a great base for the amazing Chantilly Cream studded with the lightly nutty Chestnuts. :blush:

Rochelle (Chocolate Chiffon Rolled with Chantilly Cream):

(Also saving this for tomorrow.) :slight_smile:

Mont Blanc (Chestnut Swirl, Chantilly Cream & Imported Chestnuts):

One of our favorite Desserts from Keiko-san, the Mont Blanc was sold out when we got there, but our server said that they just finished making another batch! (So make sure to ask them if you see some shelves empty, something might be coming out of the kitchen soon.)

Taking a bite, the outer Chestnut Swirl is amazing, concentrated Roasted Chestnuts made into a beautiful Chestnut Cream. Then you get her cloud-like Chantilly Cream and bits of Roasted Chestnut as well. Love this! :heart:

(New) Tarte Chocolat:

We were going to save this for tomorrow, but that mirror glaze of Chocolate was staring at us for too long; we couldn’t resist. :sweat_smile:

This is a Chocolate Lover’s dream! Even if you don’t like Chocolate, this is stunning: There’s a rich Dark Chocolate silky base, a Chocolate Tarte shell and you get a bite of the Hazelnut Chocolate Sphere on top, which combines with bits of Almond and Dark Chocolate (in the Tarte) and you have this crazy, delicious, delicate version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. :heart:

This is SO GOOD! Don’t miss this.

Patisserie Chantilly is back, slowly building up to their full menu and operations. They had quite a few offerings today (probably about 60 - 70% of what used to have ready before the pandemic). This French-Japanese Bakery is a wonderful way to bring a little joy to your day. Start with one of their Chiffon Cake offerings like the Gateau Marron or Rochelle, if you see their Le Matcha on display, grab one (so stunning in its Matcha Green Tea flavors balanced with delicate Chantilly).

Their Mont Blanc continues to delight with its Roasted Chestnut flavors, and if you see the Othello (Black & White Chocolate and Sesame) back in stock, do not miss out either. It is amazing. Keiko-san’s new Tarte Chocolat is stunning, but in the end, always make sure to try at least one or two of their signature
Choux à la Crème or Choux au Chocolat, but especially their Choux aux Sésames. These Cream Puffs are simply the best in L.A. / O.C. and remain one of the greatest Desserts available right now.

Patisserie Chantilly
2383 Lomita Blvd. #104
Lomita, CA 90717
Tel: (310) 257-9454



The cream puffs are still the best I’ve ever had. Was the only customer yesterday around 2pm and a fresh batch came out. So good. So happy they are back in business.


I went here last Saturday and got there a few minutes before they opened, so I was able to get everything I wanted :slight_smile:

I used my actual camera instead of my iPhone because I wanted to be fancy :sweat_smile:

Top, left to right: Rochelle roll, Othello cake slice, Le matcha slice, Zen cheesecake (black sesame), creamy pudding
Bottom: Gateau fraise, Mont fraise, regular cream puff and black sesame cream puff

Rochelle slice

Closeup on black sesame cream puff

Mont fraise. This was so fragrantly strawberry. The mousse was really pillowy and delicate, but the cocoa crust tart base was a nice textural contrast.

Butter sables. Such a good buttery tea cookie.

The black sesame cheesecake was really good, though I wish the black sesame was spread more throughout the slice though, not just on top. The creamy pudding is missing the whipped cream because they had just brought it out and it wasn’t cooled down enough to put on the whipped cream, but I said I didn’t mind and took it anyway :yum:


Hi @hanhgry,

Thanks for the report back. So glad you enjoyed your follow-up visit. :blush:

I see you managed to get the Othello and Le Matcha! Two of my favorites as well (but they were sold out of both on our last visit).

If you ever see the Mousse au Mango (A Tropical Mousse Topped with Coconut Milk and Tapioca), give that one a try as well. Wonderful!

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