White truffles 20% at Sabatino

Use the code white20 at checkout.

Tried some last week and they are very fragrant even though we are not at peak season yet.


4000 Euro/kilo at the source, so Sabatino’s price sounds quite fair at about 50% markup.
Assuming, that is, no Moroccan Tuber Oligospermum et al. in the mix.


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Just checked today’s Umbria current wholesale prices:
T.Magnatum small / large: Euro 1500 / 2500 kilo.
T.Uncinatum (a.k.a. scorzone, a.k.a. burgundy truffle): Euro 400 kilo.
T. Melanosporum: not yet in the market, maybe in 2 weeks.

Just got the Magnatum.
Da Best in the last…what, 10 years?
Mamma mia!
Enjoy asap (as simple as possible), like: shaved on polenta.
Happy Hanukkah!

@CharlesDarwin really? I’m hearing the complete opposite. Bad year for Alba from Piedmont and good year for the Perigords.

The white ones I got for Thanksgiving were fragrant but not nearly as flavorful as last year. Also got a funny looking albino one with a pink top. Smelled good but lacked flavor.

Got mines from Umbria. More precisely, from Perugia.
OTOH, the T.Uncinatum from same region turned out pretty miserable .