Who else has contemplated CH Hari-Kari?

Anyone have a good recipe for stuffed kishka?


But where can I get a dope fucking stuffed kishka in LA ???

fucking Greenblatt’s or Langer’s or ???


Langer’s kishka isn’t very good unfortunately.

Kevin, or rather kevin, your charming and witty writing style makes me platz a kishka.

A kevin fan?


My response was to steer him to 7-11.

no comment

I’m not sure if any deli in LA still has kishka. Last time my folks were in town, they were running some errands on Fairfax and happened to pop into Canter’s (I know, I know—I did warn them). My dad ordered kishka and was told that they no longer serve it due to lack of interest. If anybody knows who is still making/serving kishka—let me know I really would love some too!! (maybe Brent’s?)

Big Gulp FTW

Langer’s has kishka on the menu.

huh. I haven’t been to Langer’s in a while and it’s hard to avoid the pastrami…maybe I’ll have to head on over in the near future. Thanks Robert! Maybe I’ll start a new Kishka thread to take it out of the Hari-Kari zone and get the 411.

What does that fucking mean ???

I sure as fuck hope it doesn’t mean what I fuckin think it means.

And that ain’t no fucking joke. And that’s for damn sure.


This is possibly the best reply I’ve seen from you in a long time, kevin (and you’ve certainly had some great ones)…

Whatever you decide, do it on Saturday or Sunday, when the mods are less vigilant.

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I posted my farewell and haven’t logged in since…until this morning, when I went in and added FTC and HO to my profile. Logged right out and don’t have a lot of interest in returning.



Until such time as they revert back to the previous iteration, where it remembered my choice of my three favorite boards (LA, Chains, General Topics) AND the ability to sort by date of thread creation, I won’t be frequenting. Oh, yeah…and the “see all” as a user setting, too. It was nice to establish my settings and have them stick.

If CBS wants to make more $$$, fine. Put ads up all over the place, but preferably not in the middle of a board…off to the side’s fine. Everybody wants to monetize; it sucks, but that’s the way of the world.

And even though the last version wasn’t a thing of beauty, design-wise, the new one’s just a cluttery mess. It makes sense that the new proprietor was the one who did much the same thing at Flickr…a site that was once easily navigable, but is now, well, much like Chowhound.

PS, an hour later: it seems that this site doesn’t have the functionality of being able to sort by date of thread creation, either…mods, that’d be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I done stalking Chowhound today . What the fuck I can’t post anything because of the ban. I would look at the site talk and the live feed . Same old shit .Except for a new Roz story . I am deleting them . Are you still lurking . Over an out …

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Welcome, Anna!!

Hiya, Yoshiko! :smile:

Um, completely off-topic to anybody but the two of us (and any other Whovians), but…sonic sunglasses…? MOFFAT! :confused:

Hi, Anna!

Very dodgy business indeed. I may be close to giving up - we’ll see.

On a food-related note, I plan on trying the Blue Window this week: lots of veg options and the exterior’s a fetching Tardisy blue.

:sunglasses: :cry: