Who else has contemplated CH Hari-Kari?

I have been considering what could be a swift Chowhound Hari-Kari, by

  • dramatically posting a sign-off,
  • telling the mods/web-designers to piss off for ruining what was a thing of beauty, and,
  • directing anyone who is “lucky” enough to read my final post before it is eliminated, to sign up over here.

Is anyone else considering this?
Maybe if one person a day does it for a few weeks we can grow this quickly while
hastening their demise???

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you could go “stealth” and pouch the people that you’d like to see over here (if they have their contact info on their profile you could send them the link to this discussion board)


The correct term is harakiri. And it involves disembowelment.

Mmm… now I feel like some menudo or a bowl of niu rou mien at Bull Demon King.



Far be it for me tell you, or really anyone, what to do.

But I think we should just stay classy.

For now, we’re in a good spot. Let Chowhound, Chow, CBS and the rest of the gang just sort of be.

Life is all about karma. And not burning bridges.

But again, not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, just giving my very poor 0.02.


I was kicked off the chowhound island . Two week suspension . Maybe I might go back .


two weeks? half of us were booted permanently… welcome to the kill club.


you could create a new profile ID: ‘harry caray’

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just update your profile to:
TALKing and offering my 2
CENTs keepin’ it
DOTing on it in another

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LAgirl: I agree this would be a good way but so many of them don’t have their e-mail address posted! Argh!

CiaoBob: the demise of CH makes me more sad than angry. Feel more like crying (metaphorically) than killing. =(

speaking as someone who DID try to teach the mods to sing, i can tell you it is a complete waste of time.
“NEVER try to teach a pig to sing.
It wastes your time and irritates the pig.”

when marssy started to flex her muscle, there were a TON of us that tried to communicate with them on the SITE TALK board.

in the end, it got me banned.


Well----if you don’t mind getting banned (and at this point, does that make a difference?) then go for it. There are lots of peeps that would be great to have over here. I don’t have the mental bandwidth to even log on over there.

Oh, I made a request w/ the LA tag to have posters contact me… And it was deleted. I’m just hoping that other posters somehow find this site!

I think that also depends on what we’d like our visibilty to be. Do we just want to migrate unhappy hounds over to a new forum and spread the word slowly to friends and like minded people or do we want to get the word out to a wider spectrum of people.

I did a Google search for Ipse when I noticed his posts were visibly absent. And voila! Here I am!

Just checked CH for the first time in a long time. This is what they’re talking about now…

gas stations circa 1950?
State Fairs…

[quote=“CiaoBob, post:16, topic:89, full:true”]
gas stations circa 1950?
State Fairs…
[/quote]Baegas. there’s a story on this Munchies right now

Wait just a fucking second.

Pigs can’t sing ???

I’m guilty of having owned at least one of these monstrosities during college.

What did you own during fucking college ???