Who knows about the Ramen Burger?

I think the name was Raki Raki on Convoy. They serve a burger(?) with fried ramen rounds instead of a bun. The sandwich itself consists of a hefty beef patty, lettuce, tomato AND another hefty porc patty. Served with a man sized portion of sweet potato fries. Nail you to the chair. Place was packed, mostly Asians with a few other curious folks sprinkled in on recommendations from their Asian friends, no doubt. Parking lot a bit like the L.A. freeway at 5 pm.

Hey Topaz,

Sounds like a copy of the OG Ramen Burger, started by Chef Keizo. The thing went viral for a while a year and half ago I think?

I haven’t had it - just sounds like too much overload for my tastes :stuck_out_tongue: - but let me know if you go to this one.



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Raki Raki is correct. Here you go

Okay, so clearly I haven’t gotten the hang of posting links yet

Here in L.A., the ramenburger craze has come - and gone.

Lots of places around town sell the ramenburger now. I just don’t see many people buying. If the lines are nuts in S.D., come to L.A. to try it.

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Sounds like Godzilla burger! I know there are variations but who eats this stuff?

I don’t think it’s a “thing” down here. This place just capitalized on the 15 minutes of ramen burger fame. Most people go for the other stuff on their menu, not the burger.

Just to expand on Chowseeker1999, the Ramen Burger was invented by LA-born Keizo Shimamoto, an avid Ramen blogger. During a trip to Japan he was talking to some Ramen chefs when he was offered to chef for a Ramen shop in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo by the name of Bassanova, which is where he first came up with the idea.

After taking the Bassanova concept to New York and a falling-out with their owners, he opened up his own concept with the help of Sun Noodle and so the Ramen Burger became more widely known. However the origins of the concept lies in Tokyo in Bassanova’s kitchen under Shimamoto


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I think Mitsuwa was doing a ramen burger.