Who makes your favorite onion rings?

Sadly something must have changed with their onion rings because I tried them yesterday, and they were pretty run of the mill. It’s nice that you get three dipping sauces, but except for one ring that accidentally had two onions in it, they were enh.

That’s the onion ring equivalent of getting two yolks in an egg!


lol! Extra yolks are great for omelets and love onion rings that taste like onions and not a ton of batter. Every once in a while I’ll make my yeast raised battered onion rings at home, so good

that’s too bad to hear that it sucks now. I hope you didn’t go there just because of my comment.

@ipsedixit - It was genuinely a joyous discovery. One ring (with two onions) to rule them all.

@tailbacku - No worries. I was seeing a show at UCB and was a bit early, so I figured I’d give em a go.

Pretty good at The Stand Encino…

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Does anybody have a suggesting for good frozen store bought onion rings that crisp up well in the air fryer? Since our super bowl party isn’t happening this year we are going to OD on junk food.
Onion rings


Not really what you asked for but here is the recipe I use, The Food Lab's Foolproof Onion Rings Recipe


I’ve tried these from Smart & Final/Business Costco and they were more than acceptable in that foodservicey concession/beer stand kind of way:

Cursory search found these (retail size) made by the same company and available at some Albertsons’ locations:


Just a brief off topic, but if @js76wisco ends up going to Smart and Final, they have a dynamite cheesecake, too (b/c you need dessert to go w/ all the junk food…).


The smart and final on Chapman and St College has a good selection of fried nonsense and does stock some of the McCain brand. They had a solid frozen muzzle stick in a bag that was partially green but can’t recall brand.

I have also found Grocery Outlet has different items than most stores. Usually 3 or 4 different varieties of perogi which could toast up nicely in air fryer


Thanks I’ll probably swing by the Fullerton location to see if they have the Brew City onion rings and might take up @paranoidgarliclover on the cheesecake tangent. Man I love a nice cheesecake and we don’t have any dessert lined up.

@ebethsdad I’ve made onion rings before but I’m going to pass on Sunday because its only me, wife and 2 little ones. Too much work.

I don’t know if this is true or not but somebody once told me the Monday after the super bowl is one of the busiest days for plumbers after Brown Friday. Look it up.


If you do end up getting the cheesecake, I think the brand is Jon Donaire (baked NY cheesecake). It’s def not the First Street S&F brand.

TMI, buddy, TMI…


I just tried these; not bad.

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I want it. What is it?

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Smart & Final has the Hoffy Hollywood Original hot dogs in the casing, the ones they sell at Pinks. It’s like $8 for a 23oz pack.

Sorry, I know it’s OT, but I’m a hot dog freak!



Too bad about Brentwood. Usually love their rings. Always order well done withBBQ sauce.

Regarding onion rings, there’s a place just north of Studio City called Burgerama that is making my favorite onion rings in the city, and more importantly, my current favorite burger in the city. It’s really spectacular and deserves some love from those in the Valley. I’d even say the burgers are good enough to warrant a trip over the hill. Their Classic with chipotle sauce is a good place to start.

5424 Laurel Canyon Blvd


Those onion rings looks awesome. Can’t imagine whatever I buy from any freezer section this weekend will compare.


Fatburger! made to order! homemade ranch :white_check_. specifically the Crenshaw & Slauson location