Who makes your favorite onion rings?

Since we’ve got a rundown of French fries, what about onion rings?

Here are two favorites, in no particular order but mine.

Jar. Always thick cut, well-battered with specks of herbs mixed in, the onion rings never lack for taste nor the requisite crispy, crunchiness you want in a deep-fried food. And to boot they’re never greasy.

Sidebar. Maybe it’s the tempura batter or the saffron aioli that comes with your basket of onion rings, but these always have the perfect balance of being light and crunchy without ever compromising on the beauty of what a hot fried onion ring is all about.

The Brentwood has very good rings. Like them thick and well done.

Onion rings: The only things remotely worth ordering at Umami Burger.




It’s been a long time since I’ve had them but Birds on Franklin had some delicious rings.

Thanks once again to J. Kenji Lopez Alt, The Food Lab's Foolproof Onion Rings Recipe, mine are really good.

Homemade Texas hot links as well.


The favorite around here is the Hill Street Cafe in La Canada Flintridge. Cooked perfectly, easy and neat to eat, full flavor.

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25 Degrees.


I’m a sucker for their fried egg sandwich.

The Stand. I can’t speak for the other locations, but the rings at the Northridge location are always crispy and never oily.

https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/the-stand-los-angeles-8?select=vq-xESmcHtP1TMjxypy8MQ (not my pic but they look just like this)

HMS Bounty onion rings are killer. Trying to think if there’s anyone who can compete but nothing comes to mind.

This is probably more nostalgia than anything but my favorite onion rings are from White Castle. A six pack of cheeseburgers, clam strips and onion rings always hits the spot.


Good Stuff at Olympic and Bundy makes great onion rings. Also, the fried zucchini is terrific. Note: I am relying on some good memories.

The onion pakoras at Samosa House are basically onion rings Indian style – and very good.

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The new Pono burger in Venice on Rose


Thanks @wienermobile. :slight_smile: How’d their burger rate for you?

One of my favorite Burgers in LA. Their meat quality is wonderful.

I can tell you where NOT to get onion rings, happened to have them twice in two days.

Thursday night was at Tavern - onion undercooked, covered by a battery, doughy, crust that was soft (ick) and fell off when I lifted it.

Friday night, The Brentwood. Usually very good, these were, while not oily, just not spectacular. They were bland, although somewhat crispy (anything would seem crispy after Tavern’s rings). Bland is as bad as doughy. Even the onion itself had no kick.

I love the onion rings at The Counter. More like Onion Strings, but super flavorful, crunchy, everything you want that satisfies - every time.


I may have to give it another try, then. I tried it once and thought it was fine but didn’t think the meat itself was exceptional (it certainly wasn’t bad, though). And since it’s so close to Sweetfin… :wink: