Who makes your favorite quintessential Canto-style (Non Portuguese/Macau style) egg tart?

I know, for a fact, where to get my Canto-style egg tart fix in San Francisco, and I think I now know where to get my egg tart fix in Manhattan.

But what of Los Angeles (and Orange County). I’m sort of at a loss. Lots of places I can go to, and do go to, but nowhere I’ve been, or know of, that makes an egg tart worthy of an extended 20 minute session of Level 15 on the StairMaster.

  • JJ Bakery is good, and might be my favorite right now, but sometimes the crust can be a bit dense, not flaky.

  • Kee Wah might be a 1A (or maybe a 1), but their custard sometimes comes out too hard; like sweet scrambled eggs.

  • Jim’s is second place on my list cuz I think their ratio of egg custard to tart is a bit off. Too much tart, not enough custard; otherwise, good shit.

  • Lucky Deli has maybe the cheapest egg tarts I’ve seen in LA, and there’s a good reason for that cheapness.

  • Diamond Bakery lacks that eggy-ness you need and crave in a proper egg tart. A good dash of MSG might help, or maybe stop using shelf-stable powdered egg powder?

  • 85C makes a mochi egg tart, which (even if you like mochi) I would not recommend.

In the clearly “I would much rather eat mooncakes” category are places like Fortune, Cathy’s, and Wonder.

I’ve heard some rumblings about Fun on Food (in Chinatown) but have yet to try them. Any intel here? @chandavkl?

And no, I don’t want to go to a restaurant (like SNo.1, Sea Harbour, Elite, etc.) for an egg tart. Bakeries please. I hate the evil-eye I get from the hostess every time I walk in and ask for an order of egg tarts to go. #SMH

Help me out here, my fellow LAFTs (that’s Los Angeles Food Talkers for you newbies). Where in LA/OC do you go to get your favorite quintessential Canto-style* egg tart?

*Canto-style egg tarts only please, cuz we all know where to get the best Portuguese egg tarts in SoCal, right?.

Family Bakery in Chinatown ???

Oh wait a second.

Those really fucking suck.

I can’t answer the question b/c I don’t know what a non-Portugese/non-Macau style egg tart looks like. So you are NOT talking about this, correct?


Does anyone have a good pic of a Canto-style egg tart?

LAFT’ing out loud – it’s F’kers dude, capital F’king F.

Hi Ipse,

I’m a newb! :frowning: Please tell me where to get the best Macau/Portugese style egg tarts. Thanks!

Kee Wah is my favorite. I go to the one next to Leung Kee for dessert and they have been consistently great. Luscious filling and crumbly crust.

Best is Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village. It’s hot and almost liquid. Barely custard form. The crust is as flakey as any French pastry. I am even tempted to say best in town but obviously haven’t tried them all.

I’m not a fan of desserts at dim sum but I make an exception…usually twice for this.

“… Please tell me where to get the best Macau?Portuguese style egg tarts.”

Pastéis de Nata: I think the ones from China Red are scumptious and authentic.

But I have no good response for ipse’s original query… My leading candidate in L.A. is JJ, but there are much better ones elsewhere in this world.

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My votes go to Kee Wah and Natas Pastries respectively.

Is China red a sit down joint ???

Yep. Dim sum.

(exactly what ipse wanted to avoid: No Macanese style and no sit-down places - I suck)

thanx JL, Porthos.

After eating the egg tart at Tai Cheong in Hong Kong I have no interest in any traditional egg tarts over here. Not even at Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Ave.

Please describe fucking Tai Cheing further.

What makes it so transcendent ???

How about the Uber crappy ones from Family Pastry ???

It’s the whole thing. Nice cookie type crust, flavorful egg custard filling. Plus the main location in Central Hong Kong does so much business that they’re always hot out of the oven, which adds to the deliciousness.


As David cites, it doesn’t get much better than Tai Cheong or a few other places in Canton namely Guangdong.

But in the U.S., we’ve never had better than ABC Bakery in South Sacramento. If you don’t order of get there by 10am on weekdays (9am on weekends), fuhgetaboutit! Between living in LA, SF, and HK, in the US it’s absolutely, the best.

20 years ago, i would have said happy bakery at valley & 9th but they burned down in a fire.

Thanks, I’m always looking for Sac area recs as one of the offspring lives up there. Take out only I presume? How is it in general?

Thanks for the South Sacramento rec. I’m from LA but go to school in Davis. Looks like a trip to ABC Bakery is in order.

chandavl, super pricey for the HK egg custard tart ???

and is this a joint that the tourists/food pilgrammers know about ???

or kind of on the fucking down low ???

thanks man. Next trip there… i’m so fucking there.