Who will get to Mariscos el Paradero first?

the tower!


Appreciate the linkage! Know that you can’t post photos without license…thanks!



Indeed. A gentle reminder is good.

I’m looking out my photographer here, whose copyright is being infringed.


It is not. I deleted the moment you pointed it out.

So your photographer retains the copyright, not Eater or Vox? Is that true of the copy developed by your editors and reporters, too?

Not get too inside baseball but technically we have a licensing agreement with the photog. The agreement we have with writers is different. I don’t know the specifics, but essentially yes the company owns it.

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FYI I’ve been told mariscos el paradero will open by March 15. Updating the story now.

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Thank you for the clarification.

I bit. I was in the neighborhood, but had a dinner potluck to go to. So my excuse for dropping in was a couple of items off the menu for the party and a marlin taco while I waited.
The marlin taco was not as good as Coni’Seafood, but pretty good considering I didn’t have to drive down the 105. Nice smokey marlin, a hint of cheese, a tart salsa verde, crispy dorado shell, and a slice of creamy avocado. I liked how it all combined together.
I picked up the ceviche mitotero (basically a ceviche mixto with cooked and raw shrimp, fish, and octopus). There was only a hint of heat in the tomato-based leche de tigre. The more sensitive palates thought it was spicy…I thought it was just fine. Loved the mix of seafood and sauce.
Also took the server’s recommendation of the cachoreada (cooked and raw shrimp, octopus, scallops, and tuna). While I enjoyed the ceviche, I enjoyed this dish more. The sauce was spicier than the ceviche, and I loved how sweet the scallops were and how super tender the octopus was.
Everyone at dinner asked where I had picked up the goods from, and we’re planning to go back just to dine in. Read an article about Siñaloa chefs recently, and I am interested in trying their version of Japanese-inspired sushi and their seafood tower. Sorry, no photos…it was all packaged to go and then transferred into dishes for everyone to dig in.