Whole Foods Brea

Opening Feb 17, 2016 according to their banner. FYI in case you are out this way. SIAP

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SIAP = Sorry If Already Posted?

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Sorry man, I am on my phone and just too lazy to type It all out.

I’m pretty illiterate to online acronyms, so let me apologize. I just looked it up and posted to confirm. I guess this new WF officially puts Brea on the map.

Sort of. Been 5 years since I moved here from West Hollywood. It’s definitely getting better but lots of things on the wish list. 20 minutes to Rowland Heights, Fullerton, Santa Ana and Anaheim checks off a lot of boxes.

Bristol Farms coming to Yorba Linda Blvd and Imperial Blvd next year too.

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I find WF and BF cover a lot of my wants and needs. The weakness of both is their bakery depts. The bread is so-so. The pastries and desserts are eh. But BF now has, “The Cookie.” It is a very decadent monster chocolate chunk cookie baked in continuous small batches. I don’t want to know how many calories or how it is killing my vitals, but it is a very good cookie IMO.


Sounds amazing. Hope they make it out to the new location by next year. We’ve been going to Blackmarket which makes a great chocolate chip cookie but kinda far. Their snickerdoodle is also excellent. Crispy, flat and good balance between the cinnamon and sugar.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had it. I’d agree w/ bula; very good (but not, IMHO, amazing). I think I might like it better if I had popped it in the oven for a few. :wink:

The crab cakes at the Santa Monica BF are great, too, BTW, and they once one an enchilada (hot deli) w/ green sauce which was surprisingly tasty.

I have relatives-in-law who live in Yorba Linda. They say they’ve never heard of Bristol Farms (!). Not sure how close the new location is to them, but it’ll be a nice addition to wherever it is…

It’s coming in 2017 or maybe 2018 depending on development schedules and delays