Who's got the best Italian sub?

Run to Uncle Paulie’s


Oh damn that looks good.

How the hell did I miss them opening up a real old-school deli with imported meats and fresh mozzarella cheese daily right by us !!!

how much?

How was the bread??? The filling looks delicious.

There’s a small thread with links and menu here:

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Ah, I thought it seemed familiar. Thanks for reminding us. :slight_smile:

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I just saw this for this first time so please excuse me if I don’t read all 150 posts but could you tell me what constitutes an “Italian sub”?

Italian deli meats between bread with condiments, usually including lettuce and tomato

Thank, N. So this:

Is cheese allowed?

Yes. Provolone.

And only provolone? This is strict shit :smile:

Cheese is a must, IMHO. And, yes, provolone.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an Italian sub w/ prosciutto or panchetta…

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I’ve had a few with proscuittto.

I think the Godmother at Bay Cities includes proscuitto.

No porchetta. Has to be cold cuts.
No mayo ever.

Many Italian American subs will have mayo + mustard in my experience (eg San Carlo in Chatsworth, Monte Carlo in Burbank, a few others that I’ve been to).

Jersey Mike’s is a just olive oil/vinegar by default, but add mayo makes the Italian so much bettter.

San Carlo:

Jersey Mikes - Mike’s way add mayo

Wax Paper

Hymart’s batardized Italian with pastrami and crack sauce

Best of Europe

Either prime pizza or some joint in Pasadena:


A small amount of mayo is fine, IMO, as long as there’s a lot of acidity to counteract.

Not at Bay Cities much but will have to check next time I’m there. I feel like prosciutto is so delicate that it’d get lost among the other cold cuts. I think it can also be a bit stringy and gristly (which would totally destroy the textural nirvana of a good Italian sub).

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It does get lost in the Godmother.

Nice pics.
I cannot do mayo with cold cuts. Probably just the way we grew up eating Italian heroes in Queens.