Uncle Paulie's Deli

Anyone try this place on Beverly Blvd? OK, probably a dumb question since they just opened up. But now that I’ve mentioned it, maybe I can entice someone to take one for the team? :slight_smile:

Italian looks legit (based on photos on Yelp)

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Yelp pics look good.

Appears they also make the mozzarella in-house.

Intriguing. Looks in some of the pics like they offer semolina bread, which I’ve always preferred for Italian sandwiches.

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Anyone else been here yet? Wondering what everyone else thinks. I finally went this past weekend. Had the meatball special and it was really good. Also tried half of my wife’s “Austin” and it was solid. Bread is softer than Bay Cities. Price is a little higher. Would return if I’m in the area.

My niece who’s the one who originally turned me onto them said she didn’t like the bread the first time. She was there the week they opened.

She updated me a few weeks ago:
“uncle paulies had a new bread supplier. Its great! I got the uncle Paulie with hot spread. Very good.”

I asked her if they were serving Boar’s Head ( which for me is fine if im making my sandwiches at home and not eating out )

“No boars head. Its Fra’Mani! the turkey is incredible. I normally don’t care for turkey. The mozzarella in this sandwich is housemade. It’s kinda pricey but very good.”


This place is the real deal y’all. My Italian combo spicy was outstanding and may have surpassed Gwen as my second favorite Italian sub in the city after Gjusta.

Everything was right about this sandwich, but what really elevated it above the competition was the bread (seeded semolina) and aged provolone cheese.

It’s a little pricey at $12 (plus $1 to make it spicy) but that’s the same as the Gwen grinder, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable.


dat looks mad good… it’s going to be one of the first things i devour when off keto

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Hey @Bigmouth how long is the sandwich in the picture? Did you eat both halves in one sitting?

that’s great looking bread.

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A foot at most, probably less. It’s not a huge sandwich – about the size of the Gjusta Italian – but well proportioned. Someone with a healthy appetite could polish a whole sandwich off pretty easily, I suspect.

That said, I actually did manage to eke out two lunches by pairing each half with a generous side (as I often do with the Gjusta Italian too). That’s dieting Bigmouth style.:sunglasses:


Okay, I know it’s not like you had a tape measure w/ you, but do you really think the Gjusta Italian is about a foot? I’ve also considered it relatively small, size-wise, but quite filling.

If I were really hungry, I think I could have half of a light meal after the Gjusta Italian. :slight_smile:

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I’d say 7-8 inches. Definitely not a foot.

I said the Uncle Paulie’s Italian was a foot “at most, probably less” and compared it to the size of the Gjusta Italian to help clarify. It’s maybe a little longer but also a little thinner than Gjusta’s, so it eats pretty similar overall.

Whatever. I’m bad at guesstimating these things and it’s all just a haze of cold cuts and veggies anyway. :grin:


Length isn’t as important as girth anyway.


went here a couple months ago and wasn’t that impressed TBH

Gwen destroys them.

Bummer! That Gwen grinder is very good – the meats, in particular, are very high quality. But it’s not the same for me since they switched bread. Also, on my last visit the meats, cheese, and veggies were ice cold, which threw off the texture and flavor.

I think I prefer Uncle Paulie’s but will require multiple visits to both to be sure. :wink:

I just tried the gwen grinder for the first time yesterday. I think it was on bub & grandma’s baguette which i love, so i had nothing to compare it to. the inside of my sandwich was very, very cold… i actually enjoyed it more today when i put my leftovers in the toaster oven. Looking forward to trying uncle paulies.

Speak for yourself, buddy.

Haven’t had it myself, but that sounds very, VERY wrong.

It is indeed. I asked the last time I was there.

Yeah I’m not sure what’s up but it makes eating there suboptimal. Takes about a half hour to warm up to room temp. On the plus side, though, the sandwich travels really well.