Why has no one from NYC been posting on here?

it feels lonely or am i not in correct post area?

According to my close confidante, a denizen of the CH Manhattan board, there is still plenty of activity over there. Perhaps they are the only CH’ers to not give a shit about the changes. So there’s likely to be less migration. You can try to pull in some friends if you can do it without alerting the hair-trigger “delete” finger of the CH censorship machine.

There’s also the hungry onion site started by a former CH, so a bunch of posters are there…

What they said. Still a decent amount of traffic on the Manhattan board, so I don’t think anyone’s felt an overwhelming need to migrate. I haven’t. Then again, I’m also not banned. Yet.

Nothing against the CH Manhattan board, as I enjoy many (if not all) of the regular posters there, but too often in recent times it’s become a pit stop for NYC tourists.

They come, take a dump, and then leave.

Why is it a problem that prospective tourists visit a board to find out where to eat during their trip? I do it all the time. Isn’t that what sharing information is all about?

Of course it is.

But in recent times, a tourist pit stop was becoming the quiddity of the CH Manhattan board, instead of just an aspect of it.

The latter is expected, and a unique aspect, of any board, but the former makes it feel like a cheap Motel 6.

That’s right. There’s still a good deal of activity on the Manhattan (and, as always, to a lesser extent on Outer Boroughs) board on Chowhound. Plus, Hungry Onion got in touch with me first, and I didn’t know about this board until a few minutes ago.

A merger with Hungry Onion would probably be a good idea. But allow me to offer a criticism of Chowhound that I think many of you may not share:

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Chowhound concentrated on delicious cheap eats, because that was Jim Leff’s main focus. Reading the same list of upscale recommendations over and over again is boring, and when I’ve already seen it a few times, no longer has any value to me. I already see that happening here, too. Sure, it’s a value to people who haven’t seen that list before, but following a board in which these places are recommended over and over again is kind of mind-numbing, especially as I mostly eat cheap and mid-range food and rarely go to upscale places. So if you all want to make this board better than Chowhound, I would suggest a sticky topic of “usual suspects”, to which people asking garden-variety “where would you go on a generic foodie trip to New York” can be directed, and the rest of the New York topics can concentrate on lesser-known, interesting places, meal reports, etc. I am much less familiar with what’s happened on other area boards on Chowhound, so all of you can consider whether what I’m saying is applicable to other cities.


Good seeing you here Pan.

I completely agree about the shift of focus from low end to high end.

Would love to hear your recommendations for great low end to mid tier eats in Manhattan. I’ll be back in Dec.

Maybe add it to the current nyc rec thread or start a new thread titled Low -Mid tier NYC gems?

Sure. Good to see you, too.


Glad you’re here, Ziggy!

Now that part I can agree with. My postings about new/newly discovered places (which happen mostly in my own locale) are consciously diverse from a price point perspective. I prefer low-end most of the time too, and I seek those places out. My goal as a contributor is to highlight good and interesting food at places that others may not have noticed.

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Yeah. I’d definitely like to hear about some dope fucking cheap eats.

Glad to be here. And glad to join anything where I can get a Username like Ziggy (without a number attached to it)

A merger with Hungry Onion would probably be a good idea.

I agree Pan.

Nice to see you here, scoopG and Ziggy.