Wild caught or local fish services

Looking to eat more fish. Does anyone have any recommendations for delivery services or other local purveyors that sell wild caught or local fish at a reasonable price?


They’re at some LA area farmer’s markets, like Mar Vista. Reasonable prices is highly subjective, but for wild caught local fish they are good.


There is a seafood monger at Torrance Farmers.

You can also wake up super early and head down to Newport pier and buy from the fisherman there. Bring a big ice chest. Get some breakfast pho at 79 on the way back. My grandma (RIP) would go down to Newport for whole fish to steam or make soup


Torrance fm might be the move!

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Wild Local Seafood is also at Wednesday Santa Monica, and Sunday Hollywood. They’re great and they sell out early. They also have a storefront in the Ventura Harbor. If you trek out to Ventura on a Saturday morning, other local fisherman sell their catch on the pier, including live Uni. I like this vendor, mostly has to be pre-ordered to ensure availability: Shop - Ventura Fresh Fish Market


If you don’t mind a bit of a drive this place, https://www.instagram.com/pearsonsport/?hl=en, is fantastic.


Good question! I often wonder why seafood from the Santa Barbara channel/local isn’t as prevalent in LA as in other places on the coast, whether up north or in Baja.

Sea Stephanie, from Santa Barbara, often sells in the LA area. Check out her Insta too.

There’s Critters lobster, also on Insta. Not sure how/where they sell.

Sea Angel Seafood.

I’m probably blowing up my spot a bit, but no reason to gatekeep. At the Alhambra Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Also on Insta.

And as @helen_s mentioned, the Ventura pier on Saturdays if you feel like trekking.

And there’s also Get Hooked, which has intrigued me in the past.

*I used to patronize Sea Fever at the HFM until dude got popped for a fish felony, literally.

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Wild caught salmon:

Used to be at the Brentwood FM but now only at Santa Monica Sat morning and Mar Vista Sun.


I like Dry Dock Fish Co. located at most farmers markets - really fresh, straight from the docks, sustainable, knowledgeable about sourcing. Not sure where you live but for delivery I sometimes get Monsieur Marcel Seafood Market thru Mercado - only sometimes because they’re pricey.


We’re loving GET HOOKED.

It’s a little tricky to navigate in the beginning, but Madison can walk you through and help you figure it out. There are five or six pick-up locations in the L.A., sometimes at nice shops like Farmshop SM, Broome Street in Silver Lake or Altadena Beverage. They also have delivery at an additional price.

The seafood is locally focused and exceedingly fresh. We’ve received excellent black cod, rock fish, Hope Ranch Mussels, Ahi Tuna, Santa Barbara Rock Crab Claws, and Spiny Lobster. I missed out on the halibut cheeks, but I’m on the lookout. Everything is well packed with mussels and lobster still live. You receive a reminder of your pick-up with a bio and sometimes a video of your fisherman/woman and recipes. I didn’t know it takes a year to grow a mussel :woman_shrugging:t2:.

I thought there was a referral code with a discount, but I can’t find it. If I come across it, I’ll post it here.
Edit: $10 off with FOODTALK10 (they developed a discount code exclusively for our board).


Pearson’s Port is great especially for spiny lobster and spot prawns.


For OC folks following this…… I used to work in Dana Point Harbor and would often see very large fish being carried on hand carts from the fishing boats at the South dock to Jon’s Fish Market. Doesn’t get fresher than that.