William Sonoma private label SS cookware

Has anyone tried the Italian made William Sonoma “Thermo-clad” SS private label cookware? How do they compare to All Clads or Demeyere?

Hi, Sgee:

I was comped a skillet to evaluate. I kinda tried to dislike it, but I can’t. The ergonomics are great, as is the build quality, and it’s got 2 full mm of aluminum “meat” in the sandwich. The covers are double-wall.

This stuff is made by Meyer in their best factory in Italy. I think it compares favorably to A-C. But it’s not quite up to the Demeyere Proline.


Thanks for the feedback Kaleo. Sounds very promising, I’ve been eyeing the 5qt pan they have on sale.

You might also consider the Zwilling Sensation line that’s on closeout, Although it’s not a saute, but a 5.5 dutch oven.http://www.zwillingonline.com/66002240.html

Thanks for the Zwilling rec. Ordered a few items today. They sound a lot like the Demeyere, no coincidence they’re made in Belgium.

The Zwilling sure look and feel a lot like Demeyeres

Glad you like them, they are thicker than most of the other multi-clad and have no rivets, and are well liked on other food sites.

The Zwilling Sensation pan is really very good, excellent heat retention. Blows away my older All clads.

Terrific bargain at the current sale prices. Tempted to pick up a few more pieces. Wish they had a wider range of sizes and shapes.

Thanks again for the tip.