Wine Glass Engraving Tips?

I’m going to get a set of Zalto Denk’art Champagne glasses for a birthday, and I want to have it engraved with a short “Happy Birthday Mom” message.

Any dos or don’ts, in particular to Zalto glasses? I love Zaltos and they really set the right tone at the beginning of meals at my favorite restaurants, but they do feel quite delicate to the touch. Just wondering if anybody has any particular tips in handling engraving with these.

Also, any place in the SF Bay Area perhaps who would be good for the task?

On a related note, it would be nice to have a somewhat symbolic Champagne if possible. E.g. Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque but we already have a tradition of toasting with that to ring in each New Year. Of course I care more about the actual wine than the symbolism, but I thought somehting commemorative could be nice. Any suggestions? Big fans of Krug, Bollinger, Billecart-Salmon, etc. but maybe a cuvee with a special name could be nice. I love Salon and Selosse but probably not for this particular occasion. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Not sure if this fits the bill since I rarely have champagne, but I had the pleasure of trying a very nice bottle of Ariston Aspasie “Cepages d’Antan” Brut a couple months ago with a very interesting composition (40% Meslier, 40% Arbanne and 20% Pinot Blanc).