Wine lovers, you need to get to La Compagnie de Vins Surnaturels (Little Italy)

That is, if you haven’t already been.

But La Compagnie de Vins Surnaturels is one of the few places, wine bar or not, that can offer you a wine list that reads like a short but interesting novella and enough interesting dishes from a cassoulet (of boudin noir and rabbit confit) to something both simple and satisfying like a skirt steak.

The chef, Eric Bolyard (nee of EMP) will more often than not come out after last call and mingle with the stragglers at the bar, and the sommelier is knowledgable and accommodating without ever being pushy.

Oh, and one last thing. The din in the room is actually quiet enough to have a conversation without yelling. And, yes, this is a wine bar. In Manhattan.

La Compagnie de Vins Surnaturels
On Centre St. (x-street is Broome)