Winstub Brenner - Colmar

For our second attempt at Alsatian dishes in Colmar we tried to rely on the Guide Michelin and picked Winstub Brenner Normally Michelin is relatively accurate with restaurants in Europe and even though Brenner is not part of this year’s guide but had a Bib Gourmand in recent years. Unfortunately, it turned out to be our most disappointing restaurant visit so far. Friendly but very rushed service, disappointing salad, choucroute something average at best with really underwhelming sauerkraut and a pork chop which was (over)cooked into submission (we thought that in France chefs are aware that you don’t have to cook pork to well done). Normally we always chose also desserts but nearly everything before was disappointing so that we got some dessert elsewhere

Pork “cake”

Onion tarte

Salade Vigneronne


Pork chop with fresh porcini and fried potatoes


Maybe they dropped the Bib Gourmand because the food went downhill.

After the visit I would assume it. But even people living in Colmar at our hotel recommended it for Alsatian dishes