With Boichik Bagels, the East Bay finally gets a New York-style bagel

Wish I’d taken more pictures but the bagels are great. Showed up at 7:25 Sunday morning, fourth in line. The line was 30 people long by the time we ordered.

Pumpernickel Rye w/ Caraway Seed and Salt ! Pastrami Lox


Thought bagels were good but not blown away. I liked the schmears more than the bagels.


Damn that looks good! LOVE a good pumpernickel.

Hard to tell based on a pumpernickel, curious how the texture is on those bagels?

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The pumpernickel was my favorite for sure.

Chewy, a little bready, ate a few just plain ripping them apart.

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Thanks to the lockdown, I finally got to try these. Not crisp or crunchy at all. Chewier than the average East Bay poofy-bread excuse for a bagel. Even though they were fresh, they needed to be toasted. Whitefish salad was good.

Didn’t have that special old-school flavor you can still get at Bagel Hole, which Schmendrick’s managed to duplicate locally, albeit not profitably.

I prefer Baron’s, which are maybe half the price.

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I love that name LOL

More hype for the $3 bagels. How can a NY vs. California bagel article not mention Bagel Hole? Pffft.

They will now be made by robots in an enormous bagel plant. If you like them enough to pay $3 each, they’re available at Berkeley Bowl West (not sure about the other Bowl).