Wonderful, Ecclectic American Cuisine - Acorn at The Source [Review + Pics]



Great report! I have been out here a year and half and have not been yet. Have only heard positive reviews, every time I make a reservation for when the parents are in town they are booked up (and that is 3 weeks out what is this, New York!?) Its a posting desert out here in Denver I appreciate the report.

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Hi @foodie4life,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Hope you get a chance to try it. It was definitely a good restaurant regardless of city, and we’re glad to have stopped by.

Great pics!! Glad you got to stop by Denver. I think the food here is improving quite a bit everyday.

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Thanks @trolley. It was thanks to your recommendations and others that we got to try this place out. :slight_smile:

Oh, awesome! Glad you went and enjoyed it. Thanks for the report back. And great pictures.

@foodie4life - you should definitely head over to The Source and check it out.

Thanks! Did you have any recs for dishes here? Any must order? :slight_smile:

You know what, the thing that sticks out the most in my memory are the desserts. I’ll have to look back to see if I can find what they were because the two we had are not on the current menu, and unfortunately, I am not as astute at the tracking details as you.

Side-bar: do you take notes during your meals, or do you just have a great memory?

Thanks. We were so stuffed we couldn’t try any desserts, but next time! :slight_smile: Regarding details, mostly memory. :slight_smile: