Wood Fired BBQ event (7/7 - 7/8)

I’m sure someone will be interested in this.


I was until I saw the pricing:


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i know traditionally char siu isn’t smoked but using live fire/wood or charcoal cooking is exciting. i wonder if they are going to use the apollo roasting ovens like in china or on offset which would add quite a bit of smoke.

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Cheaper than what lil mas bbq is doing for reference.

I wonder how much food that actually includes, and what’s “plus more”.

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Back in the days, lots of Cantonese BBQ in HK were done in a charcoal hearth but it’s long been extinct except for ones that are grandfathered. The government wouldn’t grant license for new eateries if it uses a charcoal hearth due to to environmental reasons IIRC.

I think there’s like only 4 left in Hk. I watched an apple daily video about it but the ccp made that shiz disappear.

We were gonna go to this event also but it’s just way too pricey. For like a bbq and drink fest.

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As of last year, here the charcoal Canto BBQ left:

On the other hand, there are also only a handful of charcoal hot pot restaurants left…like 5.




Never seen these before! At first it seemed pretty similar to how people set up roasting in a barrel/bullet smoker but that grease collector…! Incredible.

modify your PBC to do this.

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Does that at least come with rice?

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BYOZ (Bring your own Zojirushi)