Wood Spoon (DTLA)

Warrior: Wood Spoon is a lovely restaurant that does everything right. The atmosphere is cozy and charming, the service is friendly, and the food is good across the board. The moqueca is comforting and delicious, with high quality seafood. The beet and avocado salad is always a healthy winner. And the yuca fries are among the best in LA.

Peony: The food tonight was decent. My favorites tonight were the collard greens and the yuca fries. All other dishes were fine but not as good as the deliveries we’ve had from Wood Spoon before.


Well that’s a first.

Get the chicken pot pie if you go again. :yellow_heart:

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Warrior: I got Peony the chicken pot pie for lunch once and she didn’t like it. (Every time I order delivery for dinner I also get her lunch for the next day.) I like the chicken pot pie and was surprised that she didn’t give it a rave review.

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Peony: Thanks for the recommendation @TheCookie! Perhaps the chicken didn’t work too well next day. Look forward to trying it in person!

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