Work trip to downtown LA

I will be visiting LA in the beginning of November and staying right by LA Live. I am wondering if anyone has good, moderate price recommendations with in walking distance for lunch and dinner. I am also looking for 1 “splurge” night recommendation. Open to all cuisine types. Tall order I know, but what do you all think?

Take the MTA 30 Pico Blvd Bus

El Parian
Papa Cristo’s
La Cevicheria
Ham Ji Park
Gus’s Fried Chicken
Capitol Burgers
Las 7 Regiones
El Colmao
Tacos La Guera
La 27

Then even further:
Apple Pan
Tacos Tamix
Oki Dogs
Olson’s Deli
Plenty of other places I am forgetting

Also with 7th Street Metro or jumping on the Wilshire Bus, you are a short ride to Langer’s Deli and MacArthur Park area street food, Koreatown with its endless tasty options, and Thai Town with its variety. Also the Expo Line to Santa Monica with plenty of neighborhoods in between to explore.

Honestly with your location, it is endless if you are willing to use transit. Also we use Lyft/Uber a lot, its cheap (except for major holidays and “after bars/clubs” closes hour).


7th Street is kinda of a Restaurant Row, kinda boushi to me

DTLA proper I like the Nickel Diner

Hi @HillaryA,

Welcome to L.A.! :slight_smile:

Within walking distance of L.A. Live? (warning lots of tourist trap / national chain mediocre food there.) Walking distance-wise:

These are technically walkable, but I’d recommend a super-short Uber / Taxi ride instead (just a few blocks further away):

  • Shibumi - Ask to sit in front of Chef David. Excellent Kappo cuisine.
  • B.S. Taqueria - Chef Ray Garcia’s more informal sister restaurant to Broken Spanish. Some delicious gourmet Tacos! :slight_smile:
  • Langer’s Deli - The best Pastrami in the United States. Get the classic Pastrami on Rye (add your own Mustard). Skip the #19. :stuck_out_tongue:

Splurge Meal - Does it have to be within walking distance of L.A. Live? Or anywhere in L.A.? That will help us give you better suggestions. But if it’s anywhere in L.A., then…

  • Mori Sushi - Ask to sit in front of Maru-san (Chef-Owner), and go for the Omakase course.
  • Shunji - Ask to sit in front of Shunji-san (Chef-Owner) and call ahead for a White Truffle course with the Omakase. :slight_smile:
  • Providence - Chef Michael Cimarusti’s flagship restaurant. New American / Tasting Menu.

There are plenty more suggestions, but hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@Chowseeker1999 If a $36 entree of duck and a side of beets for $16 at Spanish Kitchen is a moderately priced meal, I need to talk to my accountant, because I am definitely not keeping up with the Joneses.

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Hi @Bookwich,

LOL, I hear you. :slight_smile: But at the same time, I’d rather eat at Broken Spanish (and there are far cheaper options on the menu), than eat at L.A. Live (where the OP is). L.A. Live has Ford’s Filling Station where you can order their Hamburger for $20(!), or a Seared Scallop for $32.

Or go to Katsuya at L.A. Live and their Lunch Bento Box is $25. :unamused:

Yah, I’d rather eat Broken Spanish.

And considering what dinner costs at the new places around L.A. (Republique, Cassia, Otium are the biggest culprits (easily $100+ per person) and they’re not even fine dining!), or even places like Norah, Tar & Roses, Gjelina, etc., and Broken Spanish is “moderate” in a certain sense.

Mind you, I was trying to keep in their parameters of “Walking distance of L.A. Live” that had good food.

Of course we could give them recommendations for great $1 Tacos Al Pastor at Leo’s Tacos (SO GOOD!), $1.25 Carne Asada Tacos at Tacos La Carreta (better than many of the overhyped Taco places media have been covering), or $7 Zaru Soba Noodles at Otafuku or Ichimian :slight_smile:, but none of those are close to where the OP is though.


Your perfect DTLA lunch: (The original) Cento Pasta Bar at Mignon (6th St.)


Bs taqueria


Walking to lunch: Wood Spoon (9th and Broadway)

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Colori Kitchen?

Yes to Wood Spoon and Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie!


Langer’s Deli is just a 5 minute ride on the red line…Open Mon-Sat. 8-4pm


How’s Drago Centro?

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