Workshop Enoteca

I’ve been on a bit of a pasta kick recently and had the pleasure of trying this new place in El Segundo for lunch. Long story short, Workshop Enoteca is pretty legit.

Standouts were the Brussels sprouts, which were crisp and well seasoned, and the arugula papardelle, which was perfectly al dente.

Brussels sprouts

Ricotta gnocchi with charred cabbage and pastrami lardons

Arugula papardelle with braised pork

They just opened for dinner but are still waiting on a beer and wine license. We’ll definitely be back!

Workshop Enoteca
241 Main St
El Segundo, CA 90245


Why do all of these places keep calling the ricotta dumplings ghocchi when they’re gnuddi? or am i wrong?

You’re not wrong!
But my understanding is that gnudi is a Tuscan term and it isn’t used much outside that region. So, gnocchi is also used and is acceptable.

Why yes, @Nemroz, they were delicious. Thank you for asking. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my report.

Tough day?

Little bit. :relaxed:

It’s just frustrating to report about a place you’re excited about and have the only response be a nitpick about the gnudi.

I know you don’t mean any harm.

Hey, this spot looks swell! Is it more about the fusion-y flavors, or how is the pasta itself compared to other spots around town?

Personally I like the real hard noodles at Felix trattoria in Venice Beach, but that’s just my kind of poor palate. How does this place compare? I’ve never seen anything like pastrami lardons at Felix though!


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You’re like my girl, I need to butter you up before sticking it in lol. Papardelle needs more sauce or good?

Place looks dope, just suggested it to a friend and coworker who live in El Seg


This place looks intriguing! Thanks for the share!

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Embarrassed to say I still haven’t made it to Felix. Based on reports, I’m guessing the pasta at Workshop isn’t quite as al dente. That said, the arugula pasta in particular had what I consider the perfect texture. And not just the pasta itself – also the braised pork. Both had just the right amount of bite.

This place is solid. Went a couple weekends back.

They don’t take reservations, but we walked in no problem during prime time. It was always full ish while we were there, but the tables seemed to rotate pretty quickly, which is nice because it’s small space (although they do have outdoor seating available).

There are several staff zipping about, constantly refilling your water. Each quite friendly. But the main manager is tops. Contagiously friendly and sweet. Ended up giving us half a plate of the special francobolli corn-filled pasta, which was my favorite bite of the night.

brussel sprouts (no picture)
Very crisp without being dry. Loved these. Big ole portion, too.

agnolotti - potato/leak filling in a cacio e pepe-esque sauce (nightly special)

mandilli de seta aka handkerchief - three nut pesto

Both pastas put this in the same ballpark as other great pastas I’ve had around town. The handkerchief was just as good at the version at Factory Kitchen (which is where the chef was before opening up this spot, I believe). Great bite. Sauces were comforting yet delicate.

Looking forward to going back.