World's Best Cuban Sandwich

For those of you searching…


Never been to Miami.

But I like the Cuban down the street at Cafe Tropical.
I like El Cochinito’s roast pork but looks like I have to give their Cuban a try.

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Yep, Cafe Tropical was always my go-to. It didn’t hurt that I used to live a couple blocks away. I never tried El Cochinito’s. Now I’m curious how it stacks up.

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I grew up in Tampa and then Miami where as a teen I worked at a Cuban “snack bar” at a mall where I must’ve made hundreds of cubans and medianoches.

Yep, we buttered and pressed ours.

Interesting that the traditional category doesn’t have salami on it (in addition to the other ingredients mentioned in the article). I mean, the sandwich was invented in Tampa and that’s what they put on it. In Miami without salami.

Gotta try this place.


Interesting that the winner in the “Popular” category was a sandwich shop in S. Korea called Tampa Sandwich Bar. Apparently, they’d never been to Tampa, and learned everything through Google and YouTube.


Anyone had the Cuban at Tabula Rasa?

el cochinito was great 10 years ago. then they redecorated the place and doubled their prices.

God I love that bar. As for the sandwich, it’s tasty, but not an authentic cuban and not worth seeking out. The bread is all wrong (as is the case pretty much everywhere in LA), and the pork lacked flavor.

El Cochinito’s is much better, but still nowhere near what one finds in South Florida. Using proper Cuban bread is such a big part of getting it right.

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Proper Cuban bread this evening, ala Columbia restaurant in Ybor City, Tampa.


So, as I mentioned in the bagel thread, after my failure, I went to El Conchinito for their semi-famous Cuban sandwich.

They had a nice little outdoor patio built into the parking lot. Only allowing outside dining.

I’ve had this bookmarked for years after hearing on the news that they won a contest at the International Cuban Sandwich Festival, for best Cuban sandwich in the “traditional” category, beating out a ton of well-known competitors.

For those who do not know, a Cuban sandwich consists of ham, sliced or sometimes shredded roasted pork, Swiss cheese, slightly sour dill pickles, and mustard on cuban bread that is buttered on the top and pressed. Then they slice it lengthwise on a diagonal. Well, that’s the Miami version. Tampa they use salami.

I lived in the Tampa Bay area for a couple years as a kid, and lived in Miami where at 15 years old, I actually started my culinary career (LOL - JK) making Cuban sandwiches and medianoches at a popular spot at a busy mall. so I have eaten a few in my day and made them for the Cuban community.

This was pretty right on for a Miami version. The bread texture seemed more like that for a medianoche but not sweet. Everything was balanced as it should be. Not piled high, the pickles and mustard nicely pronounced but not overpowering. All the flavors blended perfectly. Slight little hint of garlic from the pork.

This was exactly as I expected and definitely the closest to an authentic Cuban sandwich I’ve had in ages, though I really have only had them at a few places including Portos.

I need to go there and try the rest of the menu. Looked great and watching the food go by… damn.

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I need to go back and try El Cochinito. My first visit there was okay, but maybe they’ve gotten better.

I am not an expert by any means on this matter, but my taste buds like Habana Vieja the most in Socal for this genre of sandwich.

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That looks great! Damn, Torrence is a hell of a drive. Cuban sandwiches to me aren’t drive-worthy LOL! How are the other things at Habana Vieja? I haven’t really had great Cuban food out here, but I haven’t really gone out of my way looking.

So the other food at El Conchinito was just so so?

I am of Ye Jim Leff’s Olde School of Houndology, so I’ll be that idiot who shleps from West LA to freaking Glendora for one single Donut Man peach creation - Though since last year Donut Man opened at GCM, (where I have nearby office space and parking space within walking distance - score!) it’s gonna be decidedly easier to procure those goods.

But honestly, that day I happened to be in the Torrance area for non-food reasons. And whenever I am running errands in a “new land”, I try to check out the local offerings randomly.

As for the rest of the El Cochinito menu, let’s just say I didn’t post a dedicated pictorial essay on the place…


LOL! I admire your dedication !!

Shame about El Conchinito.

8th in Miami (Calle Ocho) was a weekly jaunt. Old-school Cuban. I really need to find a good Cuban place like that here.

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Versailles? El Colmao?

Now that’s the one I’ve heard of. I think I have that on my list. On Pico?

We aren’t fans of Versailles. Maybe it’s just the location I’ve been to on Venice?

It’s a good Cuban but I don’t think it holds a candle to what you can find in Tampa (e.g., Columbia, West Tampa Sandwich Shop, Brocatos, or La Segunda bakery). A big part of it is that bread isn’t quite right.

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They finished in 3rd in 2019. Trying to find the list of contestants.

The bread is indeed slightly different. Seemed more like medianoche bread without the sweet.

I like the salami on the Tampa Cubans. We didn’t do that in Miami.

Damn, Columbia. I wouldn’t waste my stomach space on a sandwich from there. Everything else is SOOOO good!


The Miami and Original Cubans at Havana Sandwich in El Segundo are pretty good. Some of the other variants offered just seem odd to me (The Reuben Cuban, for one).


I like Columbia too. By that standard, I would say Cochinito is mediocre. Or perhaps “basic” is a better word. I haven’t been too enamored by any Cuban restaurant in LA. I used to live in Tampa (my Grandmother is Cuban) and have eaten at several Cuban restaurants in Miami; I think the Cuban food in Florida has more flavor. (Note: I don’t eat pork, so I haven’t tried the Cuban sandwich.)

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