Would you ever order gelato ... delivery?

A colleague just informed me that Gelateria Uli offers delivery within and around the DTLA area.

I can’t imagine gelato would be all that great after a 10 minute car (or bike?) ride.


If they packed it in ice, yes.

Ya think?

Gelato should never be kept too cold, cuz you want a sort of hybrid frozen yogurt, ice cream texture.

Only if Mr. Freeze was delivering . Doesn’t make sense with the traffic .

for this hypothetical situation,

would i be stoned or would i be straight?


I’m just going to go ahead and assume that being baked off one’s ass is a precondition for ordering gelato delivery.

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As an alternative, DoorDash will deliver McDonalds cones and sundaes with no minimum.

Don’t ask me how I know.


Short answer, yes. Sometimes one needs gelato and there are too many humans in the way.

All over Buenos Aires are scooters / bikes / mopeds delivering gelato from excellent shops. (I assume it holds up just fine, although I’ll just walk the few blocks to get it myself.)

well then, the answer is clear.
pick up the phone and place the order.

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If this were app-based, I’d do it but I’m too high right now to discuss a transaction with another human being.

I’ll just eat this entire bag of hot Cheetos and watch TNG.

DS9 is way better :wink:

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