WSGV updates

assuming there’s enough interest, might as well start a thread where we can post WSGV updates.

  1. flavor garden ownership sold out and moved to chino hills during the summer.

2923 Chino Ave, Ste H4
Chino Hills, California 91801

new mgmt at the old location is not up to snuff.

  1. rumor has it the 168 market (at new and valley) is going to do a remodel which include a food court

2a) banh mi my tho is looking to add a 2nd location inside this new food court (and are hiring):

  1. i think jim thurman mentioned this on eater, but not necessarily here: liang’s kitchen, which changed their name to shang jie, changed their name again to… liang’s kitchen. maybe they discovered some monogrammed napkins they didn’t want to go to waste or something.

Hi @secretasianman,

Oh no! Wasn’t Flavor Garden the recommended place by you and @ipsedixit and others? :frowning: They closed / sold it?


yeah. i was very perturbed to discover this having talked the place up to some friends. have not been out to the chino hills location yet.

and i had dinner at liang’s last night. they are using their “liang’s kitchen” dishware. maybe that was it.

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Curious how long they will keep up the Sichuan offerings.

actually, while the noodles were pretty much the same great quality, the menu was slightly changed - not just in items/format, but dishes themselves were different.

for example: in the noodles with tomato & egg- there was a twist - at the bottom of the bowl, visible on the right side a dollop of what seemed to be a sesame paste.

that i’m pretty sure wasn’t part of the dish before
(circa 2015)

also, their version of a beef roll:

contains pickled vegetables:

though it may have previously (circa 2014):

but i think i would have remembered that then because they seem to make the only version that included pickled veggies that i can recall. but then i’m getting old and my memory is probably failing. anyway - the pickled vegetable was fairly pronounced in the mix this time around and IMO fought the hoisin sauce a little bit. and the scallion pancake was much crisper, but also less flaky. i think someone different is in the kitchen.

Thanks for the Flavor Garden heads up. That explains two things about my visit there a couple of months ago. First, why it wasn’t that good, and second, why they showed an affiliation with House of Mandarin Noodle in Temple City, which had been highly regarded prior to, but not after, a change of ownership there.

Camelia Square has opened in Temple City with a few restaurants:

  1. Summer Rolls (Central Vietnamese)
  2. Kang Hodong Baekjong (Korean BBQ)
  3. Meet Fresh (Taiwanese deserts)
  4. Pokelicious (Just like what the name implies)

There’s an ABC application for Na’s Bistro.


credit to tonyc for bringing this place to my attention on his sinosoul blog:

NADI MYANMAR CAFE (replacing indo kitchen on 4th in alhambra):

open only 3 weeks - and with maybe 8 tables total, half of them taken with burmese clientele. i consider that a great sign.

with a limited (but expanding) menu:

the LUNCH/DINNER #2 wel kali zar is actually a pork offal dish and was mainly liver and kidney.

as it was billed as a pork intestine dish, i was sorely disappointed and said so when the waiter asked for feedback at the end of our meal. this prompted the chef to come out. during our conversation i mentioned that i’d had a burmese roommate and asked about the lack of chickpea tofu & tea leaf salad.

chickpea tofu is coming to the menu shortly. (i should have told them that they can get garam flour at the burmese supermarket at atlantic & mission $5 for a 5 lb bag; i make chickpea tofu regularly at home at fraction of the price regular tofu costs nowadays). AND the chef told the waiter to make us a complimentary tea leaf salad.

it was a bit spicier than the ones i’ve had in the past, but it was terrific. the chef said they like to eat it over rice as a quick meal. i could see why. it was literally popping with flavor and contrasting textures. if it’s on the menu, order it.

back to the items ordered at lunch:

LUNCH/DINNER #1 beef curry

(which like the pork offal also comes with rice, soup and vegetable)

BREAKFAST #2 ohn no kauk-swe (coconut noodles with chicken) was pretty good.

NADI SPECIAL #2 chicken kyay-oh sichet is at present the most expensive item at $9.99

BREAKFAST #4 nan gyi thoke (white rice noodle salad with chicken) was well received, flavorful without being spicy.

half the place was filled with burmese. i call that a good sign in terms of authenticity. the staff is clearly conscientious and wanting to please. when they find their footing and hit their stride, i expect them to do very well.

go support them.


replacing TG kitchen at the SG superstore mall at san gabriel & valley, mama’s dumpling house?

no idea of actual opening though - the inside looked like they still had a few things to fix up.

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jim’s most recent article on eater lists 10 new places, 9 of them in the WSGV, a few mentioned here already.

the replacement of zen buffet in SG should reduce the occurrences of ptomaine poisoning by at least 50%.

i could list the link at la dot eater dot com or just suggest that you use ‘thurman’ as a search argument to find his articles because the folks at eater have yet to update the SGV link that points only to tony’s articles.


Thanks Barry. I realize some of what makes the update is old news here, but fell just after the last update at Eater. I’m glad you brought this up, as it gives me a chance to update what didn’t make the cut (a couple are ESGV, so I’ll move them to that thread). Some Tony covered, some Chihuo covered, some haven’t been covered at all, so…

Flavor Garden signage is down now, replaced by signage (and menus) reading Zui Xiang Yuan.

Wong Java House has a big “Grand Opening” banner hanging out front. Ownership change. Instead of the Indonesian mother & daughter that ran the place, it seems to be a couple running it now. New menus aren’t going to be in for a week or two.

Monterey Park:
KT Cafe switched to DLS Cafe. Still HK cafe fare.

Wok BBQ, home of dry pots, has become Wok Crab, focusing on shellfish hot pots.

South El Monte:
Focus, a Dongbei-style place, opened on Rosemead Blvd. (sort of across from Shun Fat) in what was Yummy , a Sichuan place, which was a Hunan place before that.

There are more changes coming to the ESGV, but those are probably December or January updates…or happened today, right after publishing, because that’s always what always happens. I’ve already heard about another opening today.


I was one of the many unsuspecting diners who went to Flavor Garden in Alhambra after the move to Chino Hills. I just stopped by Zui Xiang Yuan and the place was packed. And the fish dumplings were as good as ever. Don’t know if it’s a new crew or they just got lucky.

another change in mgmt? i might go check them out tomorrow.

Confirmed that Mama’s Dumpling in San Gabriel is open and I couldn’t get in because of the crowd.

how funny! stopped there after having lunch today at embassy kitchen.

same canto tourist menu and they raised the prices on the XLB

But it’s not delicious

It’s actually Bistro Na’s. And if looks could kill, Medusa should be worried. Problem is, looks can’t cook.

The former.

akagi ramen is apparently replacing fluff ice in the atlantic square plaza. i’m inclined to give it a wide berth when they’re hiring off craigslist:

in particular the line: " Cooks - Experience is a plus, but not a requirement. "

does not give me a sense of the warm & fuzzies.

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Hey, I saw ‘Tampopo’ not once, but TWICE. I must be overqualified for this gig. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not of a fan of Beijing cuisine in particular? …or is it that Bistro Na’s is nowhere close to either Beijing Restaurant or Beijing Tasty House?