WSJ: All in the Family at New York City Restaurants


But what I really want to know is how these places are. OK, no-one has to discuss Katz’s: They’re great, and their Brooklyn spinoff hasn’t happened yet. And Russ & Daughters Cafe is much-reviewed and much-appreciated, and since I rarely shop in their store, due to the expense, I’m certainly not planning to go to their cafe. Nom Wah I know about, and I wish it were better, as I loved the place when I was 4 in 1969 and played with the owner’s son, who was the same age.

But how are Eli’s Night Shift and Schaller’s Stube (and was Enduro bad, or did they fail for other reasons)?

I agree. Also interesting is that they seemed to stick with a very narrow band of places (+ Nom Wah). I’ve been very impressed with how the younger generation has revived or maintained a number of well known old school Italian places in Bklyn as well – places like Queen and Bamonte’s, which were dying until taken over by the youthful energy of the next generation.