WSJ: Is Coffee More Complex Than Wine?

“Do we applaud fair-trade, sustainable farmed, shade-grown joe? Sure. Why not? But when we sit down to a cup of coffee in the morning, we are not particularly interested in the blueberry, caramel, or tomato soup nuances a dedicated roaster can coax out of a bean, nor in the intricate ballet of the four-minute pour-over or the Eva Solo flagon. We want coffee that tastes like coffee, and we want it now.”—Jonathan Gold


True dat! Within limits, of course . . .

I’ll readily cop to the fact that I’m spoiled with the commercial espresso machine in our kitchen . . . and when we’re out-of-town, it is VERY DIFFICULT to survive on (e.g.) “Charbux” in the hotel lobby, or the brewed “Amercian” coffee at the nearby coffee shop/diner.


What kind of espresso machine do you have at home?

I’ve been eyeing a Kees van der Westen for quite a while now.

Its either that, or pay my rent. Touch choice, as always.

Yes, well, for years, I’ve dreamed of having a two-group Mirage Idrocompresso . . .

. . . or even just a “regular” Mirage . . .

. . . but I am extremely happy and quite content with my Elektra “Sixties” T1 (built in 2006).