WSJ: The Best Wedding Wines—According to Betrothed Sommeliers

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Thanks for posting this. I’m actually going through this process now.

I don’t have much of a choice for the dinner wines since we’ll be at a restaurant and aren’t going to pay an extra fee to bring in our own. But we will be having a separate reception / cocktail hour, so I’ve been looking into champagnez and some wine. It’ll be under 40 people, so hoping we can get something halfway decent. This article helps.

Good to hear.

By the way, did you ever find a caterer?

Kinda sorta.

It was surprisingly difficult to get responses back from many caterers, which I think had to do with the fact that part of the request involved travel to Palm Springs. And on top of that, Palm Springs is kinda grumpy and finicky about events (I assume because of being burned in the past by Coachella bros and bro’ettes).

So, ultimately, we decided to rent out the patio at EIGHT4NINE, albeit more for the space and proximity to where the ceremony will be held than the food. Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge - Palm Springs, CA The menu changes seasonally, so we’ll know more about the food shtuff in the coming months.

A bit of a bummer food-wise (I was pulling for Shin Mi Catering), but I think it will still work out for the good.

P.S. Did you know that the In-n-Out food truck is a friggin’ semi? 65 feet long!

Yes, I did know that.

The In N Out Cookout Trailer often caters many of our events out by Coachella.