WTF? Chicago "Chinese" Comes to Glendale?

Tell me what’s up. Chicago's Lao Sze Chuan Opens LA Outpost in Glendale - Eater LA

This is a very well regarded restaurant. And was on my list to try on our recent trip, but the owner and his restaurants were raided earlier in the year by the feds. So…


What? INS?

Nope. Typical Chicago stuff… Conspiracy… Taxes… Fraud… Needless to say, we ate elsewhere…


Interesting. It’s a good spot, especially by Chicago Chinese food standards, but it really can’t hold a candle to multiple LA/SGV spots.

That being said, we are talking about Glendale…

Looked at their online menu. Yow! Pricey!

Rather eat at Din Tai Fung in Glendale or drive to the SGV.

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Or both!


Interesting. I used to frequent LSC all the time when I lived in Chicago - it was an LTHforum favorite. That being said, even before the raids, the food was said to be going downhill and Tony Hu was focusing more on opening his restaurant in Vegas.

That is what we had heard, although they pin pointed directly to the raids, like as if they had hoped to turn customers away.


The Tony group singlehandedly introduced a wide variety of Chinese regional styles to Chicago Chinatown which had previously been almost exclusively Cantonese. But locating in Glendale after opening in Vegas does raise a red flag.

Not true.

There was Yunnan, Taiwanese, Shanghainese, Chiuchao, etc. before Tony expanded beyond “Sichuan” itself. Now there’s Shenyang, etc.

He brought half-assed Sichuan. That’s it. And it was just “OK”, cuz that’s what you had for Sichuan.

Chinese food in America left his legacy behind years ago. The “Lao” brand is worthless in LA. G’luck to this joint. Not.

All I know is that when I was in Chicago Chinatown about 10 years ago there was one non-Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown–think it was Moon House and it served Shanghai food. All the non-Canto stuff was in Westmont. Next time I come back its Lao this and Lao that all over Chinatown.

Again, simply not true. Should’ve emailed me in '05

Ed’s Potsticker was already there.

Spring World (Yunnan) was still open.

Mandarin Kitchen would’ve been serving Sichuan hot pot by then. RIP.

St Alps (Taiwanese ) might’ve been open as well.

Ed’s in Bridgeport, other three were in Chinatown. I’m not saying Chicago Chinese food was worth a damn 10 years ago, but Tony Hu proclaimed “Mayor of Chinatown” importance is/was hogwash.

I’ll second the WTF, just from the headline. Bringing a “new” Chinese resto concept, as part of a chain, to Glendale (which almost qualifies as part of the SGV) from Chicago is even goofier than Rick Bayless’ bringing us the $8 “traditional” rice and bean sides at Red O.

Not to endorse yelp, but thus far it’s a 4.5 stars with 60 reviews.

Being in Glendale will certainly help, as well as the modern interior decor. As a Chicago transplant myself, I appreciated LSC during my time there but thought the 3 chilli chicken was overrated. It wasn’t spicy enough nor was there much discernible chicken in those fried chunks, it tasted mostly like batter which was disappointing.

I’ll have to try it. I was always a fan of the chicken crack and the spicy cabbage slaw appetizer. From the Yelp reviews, it looks like Tony Hu is actually working at this restaurant.

Why all the sudden fascination with the 4-lettered “Y-word” here?

I don’t think it’s a “fascination”; it’s the only data point for information since nobody from FTC has gone there yet.