WTF products

Why does this exist?

L. O. L.! (Fuck, yes it’s a complete sentence!)

Polyphenols are for the last 5-10 years one compound class which has moved into the focus of a lot of anti aging research (and I am talking about serious research in academia and industry) - not surprisingly results are inconclusive (like with nearly all food related research as you can’t easily run meaningful clinical trials (sample size, attrition rate, biased etc) but that doesn’t stop companies to “use” polyphenols as dietary additions (which very differently regulated compared to drugs)

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You could buy a lot of beets for $21.59!

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Similar to multi-vitamin tablets the point is to get them in a concentrated way. In addition, polyphenols are a class of compounds and different sources have different polyphenol profiles and so with this tablets (if you believe in this stuff) get a broad range of polyphenols from various sources


How much polyphenol is in 100 grams of beets?

~100 mg

Oh, wait, those pills don’t promise a specific quantity of polyphenols. They have 500 mg of “beet extract.” Who knows what percentage of that is what suckers think they’re paying for.

You don’t know - they only promise 6.5 g of polyphenols from various sources

I don’t think 6.5 g of “polyphenol blend” means that much polyphenols, I think it means 6.5 grams of the six ingredients under that heading.