Wyoming? Eclipse related!

I know I know there’s a Wyoming area, but definitely no board. I’m banking on some LAers having been to the area and wanting to divulge secrets.
The deets: Denver to Casper, WY on Sunday, back to Denver Monday night. Anywhere awesome to check out along I-25? Microbreweries I gotta hit? Elk chops? Rocky mountain oysters???

Seems like a good trip to stop off for a cinnamon roll at Johnson’s Corner.

As for breweries, I haven’t been to any of these myself, but all of these breweries in Ft. Collins on Eater’s list are a short detour off of I-25: A Guide to Brewery Hopping in Fort Collins - Eater Denver Or you could go to this lil microbrewery.

If you are a Colorado native, you’ve probably already had this, but if not, might be worth a stop at the Ft. Collin’s Beau Jo’s pizza. Fair warning: it’s not great pizza, but it is, um, unique. If you do go, get some honey to dip your crust in. Kinda like Colorado’s non-spicy version of Roberta’s “Bee Sting.” Ish.

Paging @foodie4life in case he’s made the trek recently and has any wisdom to share.

The worst Thanksgiving I have ever spent was at a Holiday Inn in Casper. Rubber turkey, canned gravy, boxed dressing…okay my Detroit relatives bone dry turkey was worse…but not by much. That said you will pass through Boulder on your way to Denver and Basta Pizza, https://www.bastaboulder.com/, would pass muster and more than that here in LA. If your schedule permits it would be a great last meal in eclipse land. Good eating!

I wish I could give suggestions. Don’t make it North of Longmont often. If you stop anywhere interesting along the way please share!

Isn’t that sort of tautological?

Yes it is. I will spare you the rest of the story. Let it be said that roadfood.com has three entries in Wyoming, Best Food - Wyoming | Where & What to Eat, and none of them are in Casper.

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