Xian wok - beverly glen

The new Xian concept finally opened at the top of Beverly Glen. It is basically the same menu as BH but very limited seating (maybe 6-8 people total) and geared for take out. Given that they have been operating in BH for 18 years it is amazing how poorly conceived their operation is. There is a very small counter (maybe 5 feet wide) where you order and pick up. A single counter person is stationed there to take orders from walk-ups and hand off the food to go. The problem is that same person is also answering the phones and taking to-go orders. I was by twice and the first time she chatted away about the menu for 20 minutes while a line of customers waited to place orders or pick up. People were really upset. Two other customers and I all had mistakes made with our orders. Decided to give them another try the next night and it was a repeat performance by the girl on the phone and the food was ice cold. Also surprised that most of the help was non-Asian and confused looking. Maybe things will improve with time, but you would expect the operation to hit the ground at least walking if not jogging.

well, don’t be thor about it

cue the rimshot, please

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you can tell people that you’re thor but not complaining about it

Now I am thor and complaining. Gave it another chance yesterday and took out the Chinese Chicken Salad. Was great except they forgot to add the chicken!

oh my

check between their knees…

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