Yakitori Totto vs Torishin?

Not sitting at the Select counter for Torishin, any real difference between the two?

Tori Shin is just better. Better quality ingredients and better technique.

Not to say that Totto is bad, but compared to Tori Shin, it just doesn’t measure up.

If you go to Tori Shin, make sure to indulge in chicken.

If you go to Totto, seriously consider their salmon roe bowl. Good shit.

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Agree with ipse. Tori Shin is just better :slight_smile:

If you do go to Tori Shin - please make sure to reserve some chicken oyster when you make your reservation. They usually run out of that stuff as the night progresses.

thanks. I got rezzies for friday night at 7:30, hopefully that’s early enough.