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I saw that!!! Good for them, will be catching that episode soon… I’ve only see the La Casita episode and I think it balances well the cooking and restaurant stuff and the celebrity stuff (which I am not interested in at all).


Had the insanely good fortune to check out the tasting menu on someone else’s dime. I hadn’t been to Yangban since very early in its life, when it had a deli counter and a fridge full of batched cocktails. I liked it then but this was something else; I was pretty blown away top to bottom.

The mandu was a stunner, the ssam was insane, the dashi was perfect. Really liked the shima aji and the prawn toast too. Only thing that I was mixed on was the galbi, and it was still tasty just very familiar. Lots of little desserts, which were fun, and the coal roasted goguma was super dope.

For those who are into this sort of thing Mei Lin and Shota (also of top chef) were there.


Dining together?

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Yup! I wouldn’t have noticed except they had an assistant (or someone like that) who wasn’t eating but kept popping over to take phone pics of dishes, and then Chef Katianna came out and hugged them.

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