Yayoi - Palo Alto - Nagoya-style unagi hitsumabushi

Clearly that’s the house specialty.

The bowl is quite deep so there’s lots of rice. Everything was great. Best dashi I’ve ever had.

No tipping.

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Yea it’s not bad. They’re also opening in Hillsdale mall in San Mateo I believe. I tend to get the unajyu - I’ve spoken up about portion size before and they’ve corrected it quickly with no complaints. A good unagi don is supremely satisfying.

I returned to Yayoi a month ago and had the same thing, don’t know what happened but the quality plummeted or I just was very unlucky. It felt like they took less care in the overall execution. The dashi is good, but maybe a touch off balance. Still, there isn’t another place that does something like this.