Yellow Chili (Sanjeev Kapoor) - Buena Park

Anybody familiar with Kapoor or this restaurant? My Indian friend at work says Kapoor is the most famous and popular chef in India. Based on the article this restaurant sounds like a franchise but would be willing to give it a try.

I’ve seen it on Beach. I wasn’t even aware it was open…it seems as if the restaurants that have opened in that space since Ripley’s have all gone kaput. I drive by once a week and the parking lot has been pretty empty during the week.

I know yelp is a flawed barometer but the reviews of the place are pretty mixed, along with the cringey interview they gave in the article would make me pass on this spot until I heard otherwise from fellow ftcers

Agreed. I hope I am not the one who has to take one for the team.

Sanjeev Kapoor is a famous Indian chef. Had/has his own tv cooking show, consults with Singapore Airlines for their Indian meals, etc.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the local restaurant. Not in a hurry to try it.