YESS - Arts District

interesting pop-up from junya yamasaki, the chef who brought us the yess aquatic food truck in the arts district. the b&m will be opening soon but in the meantime he’s doing pop-up tasting menu dinners at a location that will turn into a “listening bar” once the restaurant opens up.

i enjoyed the tasting menu except for the underdressed salad. the very flavorful vegan monk’s chirashi was a surprise highlight. the sashimi with uni “oboro” was pretty unique and loved the soy cured egg yolk with the steak.

chef’s vegetables selection “of the moment”

fried tofu with house spice mix

sashimi of the day with dried uni

steamed oyster with ma-la sauce

monk’s chirashi sushi

steamed vermillion rockfish with mussel dashi

robata grilled ribeye, chanterelle, soy cured egg yolk

mitsu-mame - poached pear, azuki beans, jelly and piloncillo kuromitsu


that looks really solid

vegetarian and pescatorian menus also available

Looks delightful… I’ll refrain from any bean jokes. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I even liked the beans :beans:


Whaa? That’s some dish!

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The new Yess has opened. We will be guinea pigs next week unless someone talks us out of it. The food pictured above looks pretty good.

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We’ve got a Friday res at 6! Excited to try too


food was unremarkable, qpr is whack.

best thing I had that night, nicely fried and seasoned.

my $42 cod

someone else’s $54 yellowtail

the $65 half chicken


Are they kidding with the portion sizes? $65 half chicken! :astonished: Thanks for taking one for the team!


We decided to cancel our reservation due to the lackluster review and Zelda releasing at 9 pm tomorrow but may try in the future.

Same. Going to orsa and Winston instead


Let us know your thoughts on Orsa and Winston? We haven’t been in a while and have a reservation coming up.

Will do. Last we went was Nov 2021 so it’s been a while too. But sub 125 ish$ tasting menus where I don’t need to think of anything or be in the mood for a particular genre of food tend to be my favorite way to eat (and what I think we’re missing most in LA) so I have a soft spot for O&W

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I think the $20 shaved ice takes the cake!


It was very fun and tasty! Maybe a liiiiitle carb heavy for us (potato croquette, pasta course, split one of the risotto supplement, cornbread, there was a rice and lentil situation with the main fish, and a surprise polenta course)

Flavors were right and it’s nice to go to a dinner in LA that still feels like every dish is a surprise and actually changes often at that price point.


We got a little tour, but didn’t stay to eat. The space is beautiful :star2:.


Our experience at Yess was mediocre. The food was not tasty, some dishes outright weird. I saw no reason to come back.