YGF Malatang Artesia

Malatang is basically a DIY hotpot… there’s usually a wall of uncooked ingredients (veggies, meats, carb and other typical hotpot ingredients.) You fill a metal bowl, they weigh it ($13.99 a pound) and then choose your prep (1 of 3 broths or stirfry) and they cook it for you. Almost like an old school Mongolian BBQ except you end up with a big bowl of hotpot!

Pretty common in SGV, but I believe this is the first one to open up in the area and it is excellent. Ingredients are fresh, huge variety (5-6 veggies, varied assortment of balls, 4-5 types of noodles, beef, lamb, tripe, gizzards, tongue, etc.) The broth is tasty and does not seem to have any MSG. Restaurant is super clean and service is excellent.

We are pretty big eaters - if you stay away from some of the heavier noodle options, 1.5lbs is a big-a-- bowl full of meat and veggies and additional broth is free. My 15yo, who consumes food like a wild animal, is more typically at 1.8lbs and that leaves him full all day!

Highly recommend and great addition to the area.


Love these. Just gets expensive. Basically no tofu allowed in my family or the flour noodles lol


LOL. No tofu, especially the frozen kind. No fresh noodles, only the dried ones. Focus on the more special meats, like tongue, tripe, etc. Veggies optional but very light. Only your favorite fishball types. If possible, grab thawed not frozen items. Shake wet items out before putting bowl. My wife thought I was crazy when I laid out the terms and conditions but otherwise, my kids would be spending $40 a bowl… which my wife did the first time because she piled in the frozen tofu.


First time I went I did all veggies and it cost me $35. I was so upset at myself

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LOL! That must have been a ton of veggies. Although knowing you, probably had the caviar supplement!

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