Yoshitomo pop up Feb. 6th at Japanese Knife Imports

Chef David Yoshitomo is coming back to Los Angeles to do his omakase at Japanese knife imports.

I went last year and it was one of the best omakases I had all year. Very intimate and fun. I still remember the smoked scallop nigiri like it was yesterday. Perfect place to pick chef David and Jon’s brains about anything related to Japanese cuisine and knives. Pretty sure last year’s event was BYOB, so I assume its the same this time around.

I purchased my ticket already! Anyone else going?



The dinner was last night and it did not disappoint.
Chef Dave is articulate, passionate, and skilled. Very genuine and funny guy. He uses only Akazu vinegar for his Shari and mentioned there’s a shortage of Yohoi brand everywhere for some reason. Standouts were aburi from Toyama, isaki, tamago, and uni toast. Last night confirmed that Dave’s sushi is still one of the best I’ve had, which really emphasizes his skill since his restaurant is in landlocked Omaha Nebraska!

For sake we had tamagawa genshu and Brooklyn kura Junmai ginjo Nama genshu


Yokoi Yohei (Mizkan) is probably the most popular akazu available on the market, and the company that makes and distributes them cannot keep up with demand by restaurants, as others out there want to do a high end experience with it.

he same distributor also carries other lighter variants of akazu like Kohaku and there are at least a few more, but they are not as dark as Yohei, since it is aged three years before release.

How were the pairings for the two bottles? Which one worked with which sushi best for you?

Do you know of anywhere in CA that sells Yokoi Yohei to individuals without a restaurant license?
Last time I checked Mutual Trading sells it but only to restaurants. Would love to have a bottle at home.

Both sakes worked surprisingly well for the duration of the meal! The Tamagawa was opened first and paired really nicely with the uni on liquid toast. Both sakes didn’t over power the sushi, which I think is because of the akazu- it really stood up against the robustness of the sakes and made for a great pairing.

Your best bet is to find someone who has an account with Mutual who can and is willing to order it for you.

Yokoi Yohei akazu is a bit sweet by itself. Needs a good amount of salt to bring up the aroma (and makes it easier to pair with sake as a result). Some chefs still add a bit of sugar though…

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Also, good looking zuke maguro, prepared classic style.

What is the piece before tamago? Seared/aburi otoro (or is it wagyu) with egg yolk shoyu butter looking sauce?

Are you referring to picture # 6? That’s the buri from Toyama :grin:

The picture before the tamago is his signature nigiri! Being from Omaha Nebraska, he uses beef from there, gives it a quick sear, and then puts some uni butter on top for good measure. every piece was close to perfect.

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Wow! What great looking fish and rice!

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Jon does really cool events! wish i could have made this one

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Man, i was thinking about going but i decided not to cuz i hate buying tickets for food. and yeah, i know that is absolutely irrational. So i know it’s totally my fault i missed out on an awesome experience.