You want to get hammered . What do you drink?

Bad day, good day, weekend , whatever . I just want to get hammered every once in a while . Some gals I know love champagne . My dude friends mostly vodka . Beer and wine are my weekday drinks . Not to get hammered . But as mentioned otherwise , Tequila . that one with buck on the label . I think it Cazadores . My go to . Crazy . No fucking replies about you should not be doing that .

Martinis tend to do the trick for me. Tasty and effective.

i like cazadores just fine…buffalo trace is a good session whiskey at a good price. i think a few pops is all that is needed on a weekday night for a good attitude adjustment.

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When I went to the sake festival in Little Tokyo couple months ago I got completely hammered… so I’d say sake for that reason… but another time I got plastered was on vodka tonics…hit the spot nicely.

In my case it’s drinking different kinds of alcohol in the course of a few short hours.

First real day in Albania (this past sept 24) I made a mistake and underestimated myself. Drank lots of beer with my Meze, more beer back in my hotel room, then red wine whilst waiting for the thunder and rain to end. Went to dinner (ate a sheep’s head) and had another beer. Ended dinner with a portion of Raki (like Turkish version but then Albanian). The Raki was potent! Back in my hotel room I had more red wine from the same afternoon.

It was a rough night! Jesus F…k… Christ! I thought what the fuck was I thinking?! I survived but my god, never again! (Yes, I said that to myself last time, and the times before that…)

Fortunately, this kind of stupidity involving alcohol rarely happens because I know my limit.

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margarita made with FRESH lime juice, cointreau, and tequila ocho (NO simple syrup of any kind)

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Gin if I’m drinking because I’m happy. Tequila if I’m drinking because I’m angry. Scotch if it could go either way.



Our rabble-rousers of choice are:

Bourbon. neat. that’s a slow burn.
Gin martinis.

My other drink sitting at the bar getting hammered . Vodka , tomato juice . V 8 or Cambells .A good squeeze of lemon . No lime .

I’m too much of a cheapskate to get hammered at a bar (high tolerance). On the warm evening at home, I can easily drink too much gin over ice, mixed with selzer water, a couple of olives, and a splash of olive brine.

Gin martinis.

Or usually

Scotch and sodas.


Old fsshioneds to keep it somewhat sartorially sensible.

And then maybe a few Mac 12 or 18er. Neat. With a fucking diet coke on the side because I am desperately and futilely try to hold on to my girlish fucking figure for dear fucking life.

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A bomber or two of a good barrel aged stout, barleywine, old ale, or wee heavy usually does the trick for me.

Zafra 21y
Laugavlin 16y

mmmm!! +1 on scotch old fashioned.

Rum brandy punches.

find a cocktail recipe in book or on internet. triple the recipe.
lather, rinse, repeat.

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