Yountville dining help

Hi all. Heading up in a couple of weeks for a Schramsberg event/long weekend and need Yountville dining recs.

Everyplace looks great, so having a hard time narrowing it down.

Will be staying at Napa Cottages, so want to be close as we love to drink. Have only been to TFL and Ad Hoc so far. Looking for fun, casual spots.

I like Bistro Jeanty. Nothing so straight-up traditional French in SF or the East Bay that I know of.


Keep them coming guys, need a couple dinners and lunches too.

Been a while since I’ve been there but:

Rutherford inn in Rutherford. Get the prime rib sandwich.

The marinated olives are good too.

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Not really casual but I always liked Redd.


Thanks @Porthos. We are definitely going to Redd Wood.

Second Bistro Jeanty. Also like Ken Frank’s La Toque.

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Thanks @mcmichael, I was hoping LA peeps would chime in.

Aloha bubbly!

Love Redd and Bistro Jeanty. . .Gotts Roadside is fab and their Ahi sandwich …rare, is fantastic.

Dean and Deluca for for deli provisions… V. Sattui has a nice place to pick up picnic goodies but it can be a nightmare with bus tour traffic.

Lunch on the patio of Auberge du Soleil is lovely…gorgeous resort.

If your driving back down the 1 to Laguna…make sure you stop for lunch at Sierra Mar for lunch in Big Sur at Post Ranch Inn…


@Plumeria, thanks for the recs- great minds think alike.

I’m up in Napa regularly and going with someone who visits a lot, so we never miss Auberge at least for drinks at sunset, hit D&D or Oakville for supplies.

We only have a driver for the Schramsberg event, so since we are staying in Yountville will just take it easy and eat close to our place.

I’m not crazy about driving up there, especially at night.

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I don’t get Gott’s appeal or success at all. It’s slightly above-average burger-joint food at much higher prices.


Some of these require a bit more driving from Yountville, but do-able if you are not in a hurry.

Oxbow Public Market - Hog Island oysters (go during happy hour), Ca Momi has some great Italian style desserts/pastries (also a VPN certified pizza place, though if you do pasta/pizza their downtown location is more spacious). A nice way to spend some time in between meals or if you want to snack around instead of a proper sit down meal. You can also get coffee from Ritual and ice cream from Three Twins in the same area.

Redd Wood - decent pizza and pasta

Bistro Jeanty - Favorite French Bistro in all of Northern California. Tomato soup in puff pastry, escargot, house baguette, bone marrow in Bordelaise sauce, salad Nicoise, onion soup, crispy pork foot (specials only), foie (when they have it on specials black board), Moules Frites. It’s always a must for me when I am in the area

Model Bakery (Saint Helena and next to Fatted Calf in Napa) has some very tasty English muffins and breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins (particularly ones with bacon, egg, cheddar with their signature sauce). Makes for a nice breakfast or snack.

Ninebark - quite a pleasant experience though some dishes worked better than others. Solid cocktails and pretty decent wine and bubbles list

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch - very pleased with my lunch visit. Simple things like beet salad and lamb meatballs executed very nicely.

You could look into Meadowood at the bar, for a fraction of the cost.

Thanks @beefnoguy. Haven’t been to Oxbow Market in years. I love Farmstead- went the week they opened. Both are due for return visits.

Appreciate the thoughtful reply.

If you haven’t been to Oxbow in years, you may be shocked by how much it has grown. The crowds can be crazy on the weekend.

I’ve only gotten the Ahi burger and I love it…
DH gets the burger and enjoys it for a fast food joint.

Gott’s food is above average by fast-food chain standards, but the basic burger is $7, fries are $3, shakes are $6, and sugar water is $2.50.