Your bucket list of restaurant's & bars...worldwide

Any where in the world that you can’t wait to eat and drink at?

I want to go here!

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Here, Maison Troisgros - Nos maisons. They inspired Judy Rodgers to become a chef. Plus its rural France, which despite troubles right now is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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It would be the Almalfi coast for me .Food and drink . Wan’t to go back for much longer :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:

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One of my faves…

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The pic above was taken in Portofino .

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A friend told me about her experience at Au Pied de Cochon a few months ago. Upselling, high prices / small portions, sounds like maybe it has been ruined by its success.

Yeah baby. .

My current off the top of my head list:

Asador Etxebarri -


DOM - Home D.O.M

Paul Bocuse - experiencing Bourdain’s meal

Scott’s Bar-B-Que -

Some really good roast goose in HK

Sambal Hijau -*aid-80593101/

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This is what Mama’s talkin’ about. . .


Etxebarri was worth the time and money.


Eating in a Balinese setting with tons of fresh conch, Red Stripes and swimming in Azul paradise. .

Ever since seeing its episode on Chef’s Table, I’ve really wanted to go to Fäviken in Sweden. Fäviken Magasinet

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I loved the Magnus Nilsson episodes on “Mind of a Chef” and “Chef’s Table,” but watching them only exacerbated my resolve not to subject myself to another dictatorial chef’s Michelin endurance menu. Some of the traditional food he made with his family was much more appetizing to me than the modernist versions he served at Fäviken.

Agreed. The dream would in that home kitchen. Maybe Magnus could adopt us? But in the unlikely case that that isn’t feasible, I would definitely settle for the experience of traveling to that remote-as-hell restaurant, dining on a million courses and staying the night.

Where did you have some of the endurance menus that turned you off?

I don’t think it matters where I had testing menus, I’m just over eating that way. I had great meals at Manresa and Saison but I’m unlikely to go back if they don’t get out of that rut.

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Moeder Lambic

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