Your Favorite Fish Tacos

Which is actually tuna.

Even if we’re talking about Baja Med cuisine?

In San Diego, Mariscos El Pescador in Chula Vista is the place. The Mariscos German truck at 30th & Grape is also pretty good, but probably better for things other than a straight fish taco.

In Tijuana, El Mazateño is really good. It’s a long cab ride from the border though. Their camaron or pulpo (octopus) enchilado tacos are fabulous. Closer in and a much shorter cab ride are Tacos Kokopelli or Ta’Costeño in the Telefonica Gastro Park. Marsicos Ruben is also worth seeking out at 8th & Quintana Roo (close to the Costco west). They do fish tacos but like so many places in TJ their strength is really in their other preparations and creative salsa.


We went to Oscar’s on Emerald in PB. Pretty epic. The smoked fish (Marlin? tuna? didn’t think to ask) was my favorite. Grilled mahi mahi was very good once I added some of the chile and green sauces. The tuna adobado was by comparison kind of disappointing.

If one were taking the Blue Line to the border, would it make more sense to stop at Mariscos El Pescador for fish tacos or to get them in TJ?

Really ?


Illegal to sell Marlin. That’s why it’s often spelled “marlyn”.

Typically it’s tuna or some other smoked fish.

El Pescador is within walking distance of the Palomar St trolley stop. Whether you stop or not may be a matter of time…i.e. what time you’Re taking the trolley, what time El Pescador opens, how much time you want to spend in TJ, how much time you want to devote to this little detour…and so on.

There’s a place in TJ that makes a pretty incredible fish taco. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the name but, unfortunately, I’m not dredging it up

As long as it isn’t smoked krab, I’m OK with that.

On an unrelated note, maybe we should have a goodbye chowdown with Honkman at the Cheesecake Factory.

I would prefer Chuck E Cheese

Y’all weren’t kidding about Mariscos EP’s grilled fish and governador tacos. The octopus were also killer-- I’ve never had anything like that. What do they season those with?

ZOkay, maybe they’re not the best fish tacos in San Diego, but in the week I’ve been back from Taiwan I have had the fish tacos from the Fish District in Carmel Mountain four times! The baja fish tacos are just $2 each and with a $3.50 Pacifico on draft i can get two and a beer for just $8. The fish portions are very large and juicy and flavorful. The white sauce is the right consistency with fresh chopped herbs and the little pico de gallo added gives a nice acidic counterpoint to the cabbage and cilantro slaw. The tortillas are just lightly pan fried so they are pliable, but don’t get soggy or fall apart. These are 100 times better now than when they first opened and were using lettuce and some weird sauce. All in all a damn good fish taco and beats Rubios next door hands down in both price and quality. Also a very good spicy ahi poke bowl!

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Really? I go there not infrequently but have never gotten the fish tacos. Will try them soon though, thanks!

They can open a Fish District eatery in Bay Park anytime they’re ready…

I get the Baja style fish tacos, but you can choose your fish and preparation.

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Just noticed this place a couple of weeks ago…
Wasn’t that a Pat and Oscar’s?
Thanks for the heads up on Fish District…:+1:

Oscar’s in PB for fish tacos are delicious
Bahia’s in Bird Rock has really good fish tacos
Need to try the ones in CV at the Toys R us parking lot…

The Grub Burger Bar is in that old Pat & Oscar’s location. Fish Republic is in the plaza with Rubio’s, Habit, and Pier One. Previously it was the location of BBQ Republic and before that Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ.

Don’t you still live in that hood, Plumeria Chick, or did you move? :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha. .

Its not my hood but the closest thing to civilization that has a Saks off 5th and a Nordys Rack within the Fakey 8 mile sphere…
Hell, Fakey thinks I live in AZ!

I could of sworn that signage for Fish District was on the old Pat & Oscar’s… where the Home Depot is…

Damn, blonde hair is messing with my synapsing neurons…for the Scientists out there!

Rhone likes that taco shop in there…what’s the name. . .Zelda’s?