Your Favorite Fish Tacos

Headed down to SD for a weekend.

Any recs for best fish tacos?

Blue Water grill and market looks promising if only for the excellent selection of fish.

Any others?

Mariscos El Pescador in Chula Vista. As much as I despise food trucks, I make an exception for them.

I’m also very fond of the fish tacos (and just about any of the tacos) at City Tacos in North Park.

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Second Mariscos EP

Looks like Mariscos EP it is.

What’s’ good there?

Tostada looks good.

Any particular taco or soup that’s their forte?

I definitely agree with both of ipse’s suggestions. A third place to consider (and my personal favorite sit-down place) is Tacos Perla. Very fresh tortillas and excellent salsas.

Seems pretty close to Carnitas Snack Shack. Do they have lines at City Tacos? I think this could be a game changing taco bang-bang. City Tacos opens at 11am and CSS opens at noon.

Well, go ahead and laugh at me, but if you are out and about random parts of town, Rubio’s is pretty good. I had dinner there two weeks ago during errand running. The pieces of fish were large and crisp, with plenty of cabbage and sauce.

City Tacos is usually my late-night hangout, especially on Saturdays when they open till 2 am. So not sure about regular hours, but pretty sure there won’t be much of a line at 11 am when they open.

How do they compare to Rickys or best fish tacos in ensenada?

The grilled varieties are comparable.

But Mariscos El Pescador really shines with their grilled version, which neither BFIE or Ricky’s offer.

SD Eater Taco link

Blue water grill is good especially for some different species of fish, fresh fish tacos, but i don’t care for the fish taco at City Tacos very much. Their other tacos are much better IMO.

Mariscos El Pescador is indeed a great truck for fish tacos.

Another fine choice is Oscar’s ln PB or TJ oyster bar (several locations).

Some of the Brigatine locations, like Del Mar, make a damn fine fish taco.

One of my very favorite versions are the fish tacquitos at Point Loma Seafood–Fat, juicy and plump rolled tacos stuffed with fresh fish and a raja running the length. They are especially great when consumed on the top deck with a cold 20oz Yellowtail Pale Ale and copious amounts of their tartar and salsa.

For North county, Fish 101 makes some very tasty tacos.

But my current favorite in SD County are the baja style Fish tacos at Solana Beach Fish House, made with fresh Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and a very crispy thin beer batter.

Finally, this Eater link (at the top) hits some other very good spots around town for some damn good tacos!

Taco Bar (San Marcos)
Oscars Mexican seafood (several locations)
TJ oyster bar

I also frequent the Taco Bar. Love the made to order tortillas. But lately one of my favorites, the Al Pastor, has been really dry and not moist and tender like it should be. And the Hot Shrimp Burrito I got from them two weeks ago, was so fishy I ended up tossing the whole thing and going hungry for the day. I hope this recent lack of quality is just an aberration as it is also one of my favorites.

Sorry to hear that. I’ve seen them slice the al pastor off the spit and put it in some sort of heat drawer, then pull meat out of the drawer and put it on the flattop prior to putting it in the tacos, etc. Try asking them to give you meat straight off the spit next time and see if that helps. Otherwise, mi rancho market in Escondido (total hole in the wall) has good al pastor in those parts.

I really like Taco Bar but have not had good luck with their shrimp.

I love the fish tacos at Bahia Don Bravo’s in La Jolla/Bird Rock…excellent for $1+…
Bull Taco in Cardiff…on the beach.

Personally, I wouldn’t drive down all the way to Otay/CV for a fish taco, unless your in the area or close.
Oscar’s in PB is quite good too.

Rubios on Tuesday after 2:30 pm has $1.50 fish tacos and not bad for price…can ask for flour tortilla.

Hola Chica,

Yes Rubio’s Taco Tuesday deal is even better than that at $0.99/taco in the Torrey Del Sur location, but only for regular fish tacos not the Especiales. But we want the Especiales, so we order a whole bunch of $0.99 tacos along with a 4 oz side of guac and bring a little shredded cheese with us and presto change-o, fish taco Especiales.

They are pretty good fish tacos for using Alaskan Pollock, which is not my preferred fish by any means. Most fisherman won’t eat Pollock and that says something.

If I were going to eat just one fish taco in SD or TJ, where should I go?

Mariscos El Pescador in Chula Vista.

I am in agreement, though I’d recommend the Gobernador (which has shrimp) over any of the fish options (I know that Robert may have just meant seafood).

If I have to pick one taco it would be the smoked marlin