Your favorite Kung Pao Chicken?

A recent discussion on another thread has me craving Kung Pao chicken.

I really enjoy the version at Little Fatty. Not particularly authentic, but delicious nevertheless with large chunks of chicken, doubanjiang, peanuts, and squash.

What are some of your favorites? I’m looking for all suggestions, whether authentic or not.

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Chuan in Temple City–a tad expensive, but excellent Szechuan and underrated on Yelp; Chengdu Taste

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Watches this thread very closely.

Newport Seafood




My brother loves the version at the OG Seafood Cove on Westminster Blvd. While it’s not my favorite dish, I like it, too.

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I can vouch for this

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Do we have any Sichuan places on the Westside?

And as an aside, why do Chinese-American places always add big chunks of bell pepper and onions to Kung Pao?

This closed.

MY GOD I need Newport Seafood in my life ASAP.


It’s really my favorite place to eat in SGV; the line is so daunting though. I normally don’t even mind waiting much, but there’s also nothing to do and you just sit…and sit…

I only go if I can get there at 5 or have a reservation.

Beverly Hills branch closed but others still open.

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Go to the ones in sgv, tan cang in garden grove isn’t nearly as good

Hu’s on National and National has a good version.

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I love Hu’s and have been going there for over 40 years. Hu’s makes the best Chinese chicken salad I have ever had. Also, they are great people. Mr. Hu who is somewhere around 90 is still there every day. Alas, their Kung Pao Chicken is not great.

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I do love that salad, although I usually remove the chicken before eating it. My regular order is the fish with snow peas or asparagus or whatever they have that is fresh and good. The chili wontons are good too, especially if you request a side of the excellent chili paste to mix in.

They make their wontons from scratch (I’ve witnessed this myself several times). I’ve also helped clean heaps of snow peas while waiting for my food, and they were so nice and gave me some to take home because I was so enthused about how sweet and fresh they were.

Chatting with the very old waiter or the lady at the register is always interesting. They both have lots of stories about what Americans will eat, and about how the SGV has changed over the years. Historical Los Angeles stories. It’s a great old school place.

Meizhou Dongpo, though I haven’t tried the Kung Pao. As I say in the OP, though, my favorite version my be the inauthentic one Little Fatty serves.

My guess is filler and crunch.

I like the kung pao chicken at Hu’s. I order it with extra sauce and it comes in a bowl with tons of sauce for my rice.

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Won’s cafe in Van Nuys California.