Your favorite take out places in the LA/OC?

Since it is football season, I like to pick up food to watch the game and goes well with some brews. What are your favorites? I need ideas, the more the better. Anywhere in the LA and OC area.

So far this season I have had:

cuban sandwiches, potato balls, and pasteles at Porto’s
whole chicken dinner at Pollo Ala Brasa
wings at Kyochon (wings got all oily and mushy)
wings at BBQ Chicken
cajun mac n cheese at Elbows (which was surprisingly tasty)

well langers closed sunday and doesn’t deliver, but u can get those packs of meat day before – been there done that.

bludsoes on la brea been a solid go to for a while…sometimes buds get it from tasty-q…good deal reasonably good but not as good as b on l.

bagels and lox, various reasonably good spots…cantors lox is good, bagels at broker nearby for us

sk’s donuts for the early games – im partial to the jalapeno cheese dog roll (baked in)

ciceros pizza – b plus grade pizza, but 2 for 1 and 50 bucks can get you 6 pizzas with toppings

greenblatts delivers – aint cheap tho

and how could i forget the st regis liquor store – if they don’t have it, we don’t need it, across the board. and they deliver.

had a hard time getting good wings and a volume of them for game time, so lemme know what you come up up with

portos sounds awesome – i wish i had a friend that lived closer to there and could bring it over!

Elbows – other folks have told me good stuff…

ill try to think of more and report back – good idea for a post! shit it’s almost game time again!

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There is a specific Catholic college playing on Sat prime time that will remained unnamed. lol. Langers fits perfectly for those Sat occasions.

Thanks for the ideas.

I have been wanting to try Maple Block for take out but have been hesitant due to the crowds.

Italian Sandwiches and pastas from Bay Cities Italian Deli (and you can order ahead 45 minutes on line and it’s ready for pick up)
Jewish Deli and smoked fish from Brent’s in Northridge (and they will deliver anywhere in the LA area)
Ink.Sack sandwiches (ink.sack photo from LA Weekly)
Portillo’s Hot Dogs and Italian Beef Dip Sandwiches in Buena Park
Wexler’s Deli at GCM and soon Santa Monica
Mail order pizza from Lou Malnati’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Din Tai Fung
Bludso’s BBQ


Empanadas from Continental Gourmet Market in Lomita.
Whole spicy lemon garlic chicken from Chicken Maison in Torrance.
Chicken and beef curry pies from JJ Bakery in Torrance. They sell out by 11am ish, though.
Banh mi from Little Shop of Mary Banh Mi in Torrance. $7 a sandwich, but my only other option in this area is Lee’s so I don’t mind paying that.
Pizza from Eatalian Cafe in Gardena.
Tacos from the Tacos El Gallito truck in Harbor City.
Costco pizza… :blush:

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Damn empanadas sound great. How are their sandwiches at Continental?

haha I know.

Hit it up looks like wont hurt at all.

Better thought is host and ask one of your buds to be brave and bring that. Teamwork wins games Saturday and Sunday.

Ink sack is a great game day treat I agree

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Comfort LA


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The only sandwich I’ve had there is the choripan and that was pretty bland. I’ve been meaning to try the finger sandwiches though.

For saturday games you can get a 3-6 foot sub at Dan’s Super Subs in Woodland Hills. One of the better Sub shops in town.

They also do sub sandwich trays. But, alas, they are closed sunday (except Super Bowl Sunday)

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shit now i’m fucking hungry.

taco bell.


maple block.


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What’s your taco bell order?

Three soft tacos, ground beef, of course.

Burrito supreme.

Bean and cheese burrito, or two.

And if I’m hungry I’ll add a Nachos Bellgrande.

Sometimes I’ll go back for a Doritos Locos Nacho cheese crunchy taco or one more soft taco.

and that’s no fucking joke.

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shit, now I’m getting fucking hungry.

And yes Taco Bell still remains one of my very favorite restaurants in the entire fucking city.

And sadly or seriously that’s no fucking joke not by one fucking bit.

Love the bean and cheese burritos too. My guilty pleasure is their frito burrito.

My original reply to this question some time ago on CH:

We take out from Shamshiri regularly. Really like the lamb shank


Pollo a la Brasa
Frida - carnitas platter or short ribs * NOTE: Have kind of soured on Frida since then.
Baronies Pizza
El Pollo Loco - not very chow-ish, but must confess
For Westside Chinese - Le Chin Wok (Peking Duck) NOTe: Closed.
Hardy’s Best BBQ - behind Hardy’s Meat Market (weekends only)
Fried Chicken Sand - Honor Bar
Wolfgang’s - chop salad

Did le chine wok fucking reppone in the valley ???

It morphed with a fucking mongolian BBQ joint on Van Nuys and Moorpark (near In&Out). Tried it a couple of weeks ago. It was empty and the service was very slow on a to go. Not worth the drive to me. That said, choices on Westside near BH are slim. Joss is good but a bit pricy. Tried the place in CC Mall, but dont think I ordered right. Need to give it another shot.