Your most recent Franken-Fusion Concoctions?

Mine: Tasajo and Ong Choy stir-fry with a Taiwanese fermented tofu sauce.


Pollo en escabeche with rice vermicelli

I made a maki cut roll with pumpkin that was pickled with meyer lemon, caraway, and leeks. Also, one with Tokyo Turnips pickled with shiso and chamomile (not as successful). My oshinko replacements.

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I barbecued some pineapple spears yesterday, and feeling the inspiration of the quintessentially Franken-Fusion “Hawaiian Pizza” today, ate them with some leftover prosciutto di parma. That was lunch.


Does a sandwich count? I grabbed a bollilo roll, sliced up some vietnamese pork roll, norwegian liver spread, jalapeno, kewpie mayo and some pickles. Wished I had some pickled daikon. Oh well.

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You just fusioned five countries. I say that’s a win.

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Last night I made lemonade with bourbon, then I added strawberries. I do not recommend ever do this. My friends recommend you never do this.

Unity and diversity! No sandwich isolationism!